Kate Gosselin, Kids to Record Holiday Album?

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We swear we're not making this up.

In what would likely rival Real Housewives star LuAnn de Lesseps for worst musical offering of the year, Kate Gosselin is looking to add singer to her resume!

The reality star is reportedly itching to deliver a Christmas album chock full of religious-y tunes - with her eight adorable kids on backing vocals no less.

"Kate is pitching a CD of holiday songs sung by herself and her kids," a record exec says. "She sees herself as a modern day Maria from The Sound of Music."

LOL. Wasn't Maria really nice, though?

Another Wannabe Singer

EARS WILL BLEED: Kate Gosselin wants to break into the music biz. Wonder what the kids' psychiatrist will say about that. [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

"Don't be fooled," a friend of Kate's adds. "Kate sees herself as a brand. She knows her 15 minutes are not going to last forever and wants to make the most of it."

"After all, it's Kate that's putting the food on the table for all those children."

Nice dig at Jon Gosselin there, friend.

Reality TV star twice over, View guest host, author, dancer, mother of eight and now singer? Where does she find the time ... to get that bad Botox?

Shockingly, Kate has yet to score a coveted record deal, but we wouldn't bet against her. As long as her singing's better than her dancing, that is.


TO gosslinfan: How can you support a women who exploits her kids like she has!! I love her kids too but I do not like how she makes her money off of them!! WTF???!!! What's wrong with you!!?? My point is that she needs to stop all this and BE A MOM! I can support that!


who do u think u r monkey says u r just a rude person of saying that i love this show and her and the kids!!!!!!!!!!!!


STUPID! i dont know anyone that would buy it.


Alrighty then, let's exploit the kids some more!!!!!!


This is a JOKE! Right? Who will buy an album with a beotch and 8 screaming kids? Will she be as popular with her music as she was with her last book? The last book sold less than 11,000 copies of the 400,000 printed. What record company will take a chance on signing her up with a "POPULARITY" record of that?


HOLY CRAP RU SERIOUS!!! This women is pissing me off to no end!! What the fuck is wrong with her!!!??


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