Justin Bieber vs. David Archuleta: Who Would You Rather... Date?

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One is 16, the other is 19.

One is shaggy-haired, the other closely-cropped.

One raps and sings pop songs, the other prefers ballads.

But there's one thing Justin Bieber and David Archuleta have in common: an adoring fan base of teenage girls.

Both these artists have been in the news this week - Bieber for breaking a YouTube record previously held by Lady Gaga; Archuleta for announcing the release date for his new album - and it got us thinking: Could you choose between these young stud muffins?

Justin Bieber at the TCAs
Aspiring Actor, Singer

Between Justin and David, who would you rather... date?


I like david and I won't choose justin because many girls got him already! DAVID IS THE BEST!


david is the best, always... :D :D :D :D


Go Go David ^^


david archuleta … he is awesome guy ?!!!
not to jb !weekk




go david archuleta


without doubt,it would be David! he has a warm heart for everyone. and he knows how to treat in the best way. VIVA DAVID! :D


David is much better than Justin, he has a good attitude and beautiful voice. (∩_∩)


david :)


my cousin like justin bieber very much and i am too because he`s cute and sweet

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David Archuleta Biography

Giving Thumbs Up
David Archuleta finished second on the seventh season of American Idol. The adorable, talented singer suffered from vocal chord paralysis... More »
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David Archuleta

David Archuleta Quotes

He's been my role model. Just a great person to look up to. He's been my big brother through this.

David Archuleta [on David Cook]

He's given me a lot of good advice and helped me from making any dumb decisions. He understands more than anyone what I want in music, and I've felt really blessed to have someone like that.

David Archuleta [on his controversial father]