Jon and Kate Gosselin Reach Custody Settlement

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Wow. What will this world be like if these two nut jobs are actually getting along and enjoying a respectful, amicable relationship? We may find out, because the epic child custody war between Jon and Kate Gosselin is officially over.

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    Atleast the kids wont have to go through SO MUCH BS now that that part is over....hopefully for good... Is anyone (jon or kate) wondering or worried about the kids and there emotions while they are going through all these changes?


    These kids are 'adorable' now but won't be for long.(signs already showing in Mady (one of the older girls) Spoiled rotten & a mouth piece just like her mother. That kid will be hell on wheels before she turns 12! Kate will need all the dollars se can get to pay for all these kids therapy in the next few years!BYW 'Hotnights' who IS Ed Hardy?


    Somebody please make this bitch dissapear.........shes annoying as hell.


    Ok, so they'll be working together for their kids. Sounds right, but how can that be when you've got a 40-year-old Ed Hardy wearing "bro" and fucking Kate? That's like saying "Ohh, I LOVE ceviche, but it's got shit all over it!"


    kate has no respect for jon, she left a ten feet door open to take her man. give us a break. what makes her thinks she cause she choose to have 8 kids. she don`t suppose to have a real job. i have ms. its breaks down my nervous system. who is willing to take care of me and my kids. i have to work. her parents or relatives don`t choose to be around her. jon moved on. after her kids grow up and leave. she`ll be alone. all she does to people may come back to her. no respect for others


    please this is about there kids????????? Now this is about $$$$$$$$$. sad Timi in TX


    Why does she need $20,000 per month, There is NO WAY those kids will get/spend 2,000 a month. 4,000 left over for bills. Kate should handle all household, (food, mortgage, insurance gas, utilites, etc...) Jon should just pay something for the kids.. Kate is a complete A#$, she deserves no money from Jon. Let her use her money that she is earning on household instead of hair extensions, nails, tanning, gardeners, house cleaners.If she were a REAL MOM, she could do it all, take care of the outside, instead of hiring people to wash her house What a JOKE. She needs therapy.


    It's about time, the two children started to get along, for the sake of the 8 other individuals they are resposonsible for .


    Would these two lunatics shut up already? I am sick to death of hearing about Kate and seeing her face 24/7. She's a fame whore. She is more sympathetic because she's a mother. Honestly, what man wouldn't have cheated on her. She was a shrew of a wife who eats men for breakfast and spits them out at lunch. Yes, she needs lots of money to raise 8 kids, but she wants to live way beyond her means like mega celebritys live. What her kids need is a sane mother who truly cares for them.


    The kids are adorable. Good for them. Hope the adult fighting is done and the kids can have two loving parents once again.

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