Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski Break Up

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Another Bachelorette couple bites the dust - and one we thought had a shot.

Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski, who got engaged on the previous season finale of The Bachelorette, have called off their engagement, according to reports.

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This leaves Trista and Ryan Sutter as the only Bachelorette couple still together, with Jason and Molly Mesnick the lone survivors from The Bachelor side.

"I love him and I'm really sad, but I have to look out for me," Jillian Harris said.

"We're both kind of resetting," Swiderski added. "Jillian isn't happy and I'm definitely sad about the whole thing, but we've got to work through some things."

Ed says that they will do so "on our own if we decide to move forward."

Jillian and Ed called it quits. Did you see that coming?

We don't expect this to turn into a public war of words like the split between Bachelor stars Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi. But it's still a sad situation.

Last August, reports swirled about Ed Swiderski juggling two girlfriends while wooing Harris on the show (and even slept with one after proposing to her).

They seemed to be fine, as the couple mostly stayed out of the spotlight, then announced their wedding plans on this past season finale of The Bachelor.

But recently, things apparently took a turn for the worse.

"There's bumps on the road, and we don't always deal with them properly," Harris said in an interview just last month. "Our life is not always perfect."

Sorry to hear it ... but call us, Jill. You can do better. As for Ed, is it too late for him to rock those '70s-style basketball shorts on Bachelor Pad?


It is always hard for any couple who has been together for a while to break up, but life goes on. I think Jillian is adorable.


I thought they would make it. Too bad.


Jillian seems likes a sweetie and I am sorry that Ed wasn't the guy for her, but it is better to find out now than later. I don't know if Ed really did cheat before, but it does seem very fishy...to say the least. I wish them the best and know there is a good guy out there for Jillian. A friend of mine wanted to go on the bachelor before, but she ended up having so many obligations with work (just buying a home, etc). I do think there are people that do go onto the show for love, but they are few and far between.


OMG is RIGHT !!!!! My question is WHO screens these people for the show ?? There should be bunches of SINGLES w/o all the baggage, that want to be on the show for the RIGHT reasons..."2 Find LOVE" !!! Someone needs to create a Questionaire & Ironclad contract so these "FAME WHORES" don't make it on the tube....Ryan & Trista just worked because it was the FIRST one. ;o)


Do you really think these people are going on this show to find love and then marriage? It's a joke! There must be something terribly wrong with these individuals if they can't seem to find it on their own. Believe me the right one will come along, when you least expect it.


I thought they made a cute couple till I heard about what he did to her....... I say a CHEAT is always a CHEAT! Don't walk runnnnnnn Jillian!


Good Job Ed Jillian Harris is a fake & fraud she has 3 chins an a nose of a pug dog. Kick Rocks Harris an get out of Chicago. Harris is not even a designer shes a fraud ABC check out her backround at Neocon.


I am so glad that she has FINALLY come to her senses. He is a TRAMP! Ask anyone in Chicago....He SUCKS!


OMG Are any of use really shocked about this one!!?? He's a DOUCHE BAG!! She needed to get the hell out of this one fast and never look back!

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