Jesse Jackson Defends LeBron James, Calls Cleveland Owner a "Slave Master"

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Stop the presses: Jesse Jackson has come to the defense of LeBron James.


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    I am a black american.


    Mr Jesse Jackson should go someplace and hide! How can he a thief, a deceiver, a cheater that disgraced his wife and family by having an affair with his employee have any creditability! Jesse never did anything worth while, he just rode on Dr King's coat-tail! No-no-no- Jesse, we don't want any guidance from a person of your caliber! Any advice you have to give, save it for your youngest!!!!


    Both of these dudes dumb and clueless.


    All the stuff QT says is right on!!! Couldn't have said it better myself!!


    man this shit got alot to do with race, jesse sudnt called him out like that cause now he gone look stoopid, but its all true and im rite behind jesse on this....!!!!!! lebron in south florida now my city and if that oldd white bag of dust dont like it...he gone go to hell lol.....561 all dayy


    Didn't I tell you I was coming back.
    I told u that messy jesse is trying to get a donation that's all.
    Go ask the boule what they think of this


    Labron is a BMF and anytime a blackman is at the top of his game it seems white folks are quick to judge. I see cavs ownership as gold diggers who lost their meal ticket. I don't agree with Jesse and slave crap.


    Well white folks I dont agree with jesse at all. and I dont even like labron. But you white folks need to start checking people like glenn beck, sarah palin and the rest of them crackers before you can really talk smack about jesse


    Hhahahaah this is too funny. I love how Jesse Jackson is always pissing off white people. He thinks everything has to do with race. I don't really agree with half the stuff Jesse has to say, but it sure is funny as hell. He got your panties all in a bunch, didn't he? LOL


    jesse jackson is a white-hater. any opportunity to spew hate towards white people is what he feeds on. how did he turn a basketball owner being mad that his star player showed such disloyalty into a master/slave scenerio? racial relations will never improve in this country as long as people like him keep opening his mouth. but blacks all stick together so no black person will call him out on his ignorance and white people will just stay quiet and hide their disgust. real progress.

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