Jennifer Love Hewitt Totally Gets Prostitution

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Sometimes, women just need to get off.

That's the reasoning Jennifer Love Hewitt partly uses for why some females turn to the prostitution business, something she claims to know a lot about because she's starring in The Client List, a TV movie that airs tonight on Lifetime.

In the film, Hewitt's character plays a mother that sells her precious flower in an attempt to support her family.

On Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show today, the actress said women fall into this line of work due to economic concerns and because "it's sort of helping them in their personal lives... we have needs just like men do, and if men can go out and get their needs met, we will, too."

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How long before Jennifer Love Hewitt poses for Playboy? Men around the world are anxious to know!

Wait... so women that aren't getting any at home go out and sell themselves to strangers?!?

A lack of a sex life may explain an affair, Jen, but not prostitution.

Let us get Ashley Dupre on the phone and we'll settle this matter once and for all. Give us a minute...


To Monkey, are u fucking retarded? she doesnt think its glamorous to prostitue her self you stupid bitch! she only did it to support her family she didnt know that it was a different type of massaging job why dont u shut the fuck up cuz she is a beautiful woman your just hating on her cuz u prob dont look as good as her or nor do u have talent ok so get a fucking life and stop judging her no one gives a shit on what u have to say fuck u and to Jennifer love Hewitt i love your show ghost whisperer its my fave your such a beatuful wonderful actor, always Jessica


they dont get into prostitution to get laid because half the time they dont even want sex. do men turn down sex no do women yes. simple its for the money thats it. p.s. if woman did have the same needs as men then there would be no need for prostitutes.


TO JEN: OMG I do not even know where to start with you and your STUDIP ASS FUCKING COMMENT!! You make it sound like being a PROSTITUTE is so glamorous, fun and wonderful. Why are you still not WHORING yourself out if it was so great??!! You know money is not everything! Having morals and being able to look at yourself without cringing thinking about how you just made that money is worth a whole lot more to me! I have a 9-5 and get to keep my clothes on and very proud of it!! I rather have a job that I can be proud of and can talk openly about without being ashamed of myself THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!
YOU ARE A FUCKING WHORE!!! Please do not try to convice me that being a prostitute is a great job!


O-O Is she some kind of moron? Women do not just get into prostitution just to get laid. A lot of women do it because the times are tough and they have families to feed, but a lot are minors that get sucked into it willing or unwilling. If a woman only wanted to get off there are quite a few men willing, without turning to prostitution. Geez....


i love your show ghost wishper


i am a former call girl and totally agree with jen love, its fast, awesome money and its like playing a part, u fulfill their needs and they fill your wallet. i have made sooo much money it would make your head spin. $50 bucks in 10 mins for some things, and $160 for 20 mins. for others. I made $900 in 2 days, and staying in a Marriott courtyard with a great businessman who was from the Keys, FL. normal ppl work all day and still dont make that. but the risk out weighs the reward in the long run, never been arrested and gor to scared, so i quit. Never jumped in cars, always had a great hotel room on the beach in South Florida.


And why does she have this "DUDDD" look on her face???


How can anyone think that?! People do not get into prostitution just to get laid!!!


That is ridiculous, especially since many prostitutes are actually minors who are being sexually exploited. Most prostitutes do not have the glamorous life or luxury depicted in the media. I suggest she educate herself about the problem rather than make asinine statements that only show her ignorance. The term prostitute is misleading because many "prostitutes" don't get into the life willing, they are often victims of adults that misled children and exploit them. She should check out the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.


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