Team Jake: Vienna's Tears Were So FAKE!

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Jake Pavelka hates Vienna Girardi so hard.

Not only did he berate her during their heated interview on The Bachelorette, his camp is accusing his ex-fiancee of using "tear-inducing eye drops" beforehand.

A Double Life

In the tense and dramatic face-off, Jake and Vienna met with the ABC show's host and pimp, Chris Harrison, for the first time since they announced their split.

It was a bitter scene throughout.

Insults were traded, harsh words were exchanged and things escalated to the point where Jake raised his hand angrily and told Vienna to quit interrupting him.

She broke down sobbing and stormed off.

FAKE OR FLAKE? The Bachelor definitely trumps up story lines, and their relationship was as phony as it gets, but Vienna looked genuinely stunned at Jake's threat.

It was a scary and sad moment, and quite obvious to viewers that whatever flaws Vienna Girardi has, she wasn't faking her reaction to that particular gesture.

Still, Jake wants us to believe she was.

"When Vienna ran into the green room, she knocked over her purse and amongst the things that fell out were Vicks Vapor Rub and eye drops," said a source.

Vicks Vapor Rub has been known in acting circles to be a cry-on-cue formula. Said the friend of The Bachelor star: "These were definitely crocodile tears."

The fake tears accusation follows comments from Greek star Gregory Michael that he made out with Vienna before she and the alleged airline pilot split.

That we don't know who to believe on, but we'll tell you this - no matter what you think of her, Vienna came off 20 times more genuine than Jake Monday.

Choose your side:


It is finally over....and I hope for good. Vienna aka the Sausage Princess....needs to slither back to her swampland and to her daddy. Maybe this time he will buy her a nose job and eye job to go along with her fake boob job. She has become a pro at taking money from everyone, turning on fake tears, and never shutting her mouth or shutting up!!!!! Just go away V....go away!!! Ride off on your broom and go!!!


I am with you Darlene! "Fake Jake." The fake tears he says Vienna had---what about all his "fake" tears in his scenes. He's
a bad actor! "Fake Jake Pu-Puka" That can be his "hollyweird"
name! And also, Dee, you plain old Nailed It! I about fell out of my chair laughing!


Sorry but Vienna was only crying because she couldn't keep Jake from speaking at all. She interrupted constantly (which would drive anyone crazy!!) and even her last "melt down" seemed totally fake! Jake, at no time, ever raised his hand - I was watching for it because of it all the media garbage prior to the broadcast = but he never ever EVER did that. I think they both looked bad, both looked like losers. I used to be 100% in Jake's camp but after that show I'm in no one's camp. Vienna and Jake are more alike now than they realize. Both of them are pathetic.


Why is everyone getting on Jake? If the Biotch wouldn't stop talking to let someone get a word in edge wise, I would tell that cow to stop interrupting me as well! She's more guilty than Jake, she couldn't wait to run to those tabloids to get her story out because she wanted the money. I say good riddens to them both, they have made a ton of money off exploiting their 15 minutes of fame! She's more of a Media Wh*re than Jake. That's like the pot calling the kettle Black. She need to take her none talented A$$ home to Florida and leave the real acting to the professionals who are actors, not whoo??... Oh yea Vienna!


Although I can't stand either one of them..... If I were dating a guy and he told me he was a pilot, then lived under the camera's...moved me out to LA away from everything I know, then Left me to do some show, I would dump his A$$ too. He makes me sick! He is as fake as she is... $$$$$ can't buy me love...


i believe her tears and her feeling were real all the while! its jake who appears to be a fake!!{"fake jake"} think about it ! i believe the only reason he even picked vienna ,was because of the drama that was happening on the show about,how all the women didnt like her,saying she wasnt there for the right reasons, he saw publicy right there ,cant you just know what he was thinking!! he thought oh if i pick her after this drama on the show !who know where i can go on tv with this.............i dont think he was there for the right reasons ,you look at him he even looks the part of fake, honestly i dont think he ever had feeling for her! shes the one who really love him,not one have you heard him say he wanted her to show him love and affection. but she said he never show her any she was his second fiddle his frist wa just what she called him a fame ho,any one with any sense can see she truely loved him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


her tears werent fake... her eyes were watery during some parts of the interview, she really meant what she said and its clear when jake threw the gps that he has temper problems. i can see what she means by jake is a camwhore.


Perhaps Jake could do Porno Films......he is one nasty PRICK.


man what a little bitch jake is


Jake himself admitted that that was how their arguements usually were---so he was use to her crying and being upset. Wasn't faking them then. He basically admitted she would cry when their arguements became heated. So, duh, do you think were all stupid!!

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