Jake Pavelka Sticks it to Vienna Girardi, AT&T

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Jake Pavelka does not like to be undermined.

His former fiancee, Vienna Girardi, learned this lesson the hard way when he berated her for daring to remeasure furniture ... or speaking in most occasions.

Jake Pavelka, Vienna Girardi Image

He also hijacked her phone number.

Seriously. The Bachelor star recently refused to give Vienna control over the cell phone account he signed her up for, barring her from using her own phone.

“When Vienna and Jake moved to Los Angeles, Jake signed them up for cell phones,” a source explained. “Since the breakup, Vienna has been trying to keep her phone number. She is independent and just wants her own phone."

"But he wouldn’t release her number.”

DROPPED CALL: Vienna's wireless problems are more complex than most.

Vienna Girardi called her wireless carrier, AT&T, in a final attempt to wrest control of the account from Pavelka, only to be told she needed Jake’s permission.

AT&T received a big fat no from the fame whore.

“I am not willing to release this number to her. I would rather pay for it myself for the next two years than have her use it,” Jake reportedly told a source.

Damn two-year contracts.

Resourcefully, Vienna ended up getting new number and wireless account and spent much of Monday night texting her friends, so it all worked out in the end.

No word if she did any sexting with Lee Smith.


Vienna, you are a greedy little, no make that BIG as in behind....gold digger, fame seeker....and you have nothing to offer to be famous.....Go back to Daddy and your swamp....and never return....you are as bad as the ever publicity seeker Melissa....You two would make a perfect pair...always whining and bitching and complaining....and it is all about "me" attitude....Just go away....both of you...yes...both skanks...


It's clear to me that Vienna has a borderline/narcissistic personality and that she totally believes her own bs. You never see the real side of this person in public - but she let it slip out in the interview. Move on Jake.


if he paid for phone let him keep it / enough of these two they ruined it for each other - they could of split quietly and still go on with whatever careers they wanted but now few people like either one of them


I agree, grow up and pay your own bills. But, at the point he got her the phone it was a gift as things were ok. HE signed a long term contract. HE. Therefore it was HIS commitment, but we know he's not big on commitments.She's got a phone and all is ok. But remember she WAS OUT there because HE asked her to be; and he did it on national TV. Was she supposed to go to the local restaurant and swipe the crackers from the salad bar? He made IT HIS acct. He's a whiny child! Hope we don't see more of him. The best to Vienna and hope Jake goes back in his dream world and is ok. Creep.His mother must be so embarrassed.


Not siding with Jake, but Vienna - grow up and pay your own bills. BTW, both your 15 minutes are up.


Would you expect anything different from such a loser as Jake. He gifted her with the phone. Now he's an Indian giver. Why can't he be a man and suck it up. He didn't have to sign or get her the phone. Did he momentarily lose his senses? His exposure continues to show what a child he is--playing dress-up in a pilot's suit. I knew a real creep like him once. Makes me sick; what a phys-co! Thanks goodness it didn't work out. Run Vienna, run.........Don't ever speak again......


All fair in love and war. Vienna ruined his career and now he shutting her down freeby wise. Go get a job Vienna and pay your own way. Can't hooker off men for ever.


Jake- You are a big A$$-WIPE! Are you like....12 years old? You are acting like the punk you are! Give her the damn number and leave her along. Loser!


These two are both over in our book. Sorry you blew it Jake! Your true colors shined. Vienna is just another party girl.


You go Jake, you paid for it. The free ride is over Vienna. You have a job now. Pay for your own stuff or hooker another man into buying things for you in trade for a little something something. Know what I mean skank.

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