Jake Pavelka is Not Gay! Ali Fedotowsky Swears!

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Ali Fedotowsky wants to set the record straight. Pun intended.

The Bachelorette star, who ditched Pavelka on The Bachelor to save her career at Facebook, and/or star on her own reality show, says Jake's not gay.

Rumors that Jake is gay have surfaced since his ugly split with Vienna Girardi last month, fueled by his perceived lack of interest in sex with women.

But Ali Fedotowsky shot down the rumor on Lopez Tonight, saying "Just because he wears really nice turtleneck sweaters does not mean he's gay!"

Very true, Ali. But what about refusing to kiss his fiancee?

Ali Fedotowsky and Jake Pavelka

Ali and Jake before her departure last season.

Fedotowsky said she still remembers how difficult it was to walk away from Pavelka, even though she walked away from that same job shortly after.

"It was a tough decision," she said of leaving after hometown dates. "I thought I was falling in love and wanted to stay, but I had a really good job!"

In the end, she said her Facebook bosses told her she could return to The Bachelor. "I tried to go back," she said, "but he wouldn't take me back."

It's true. We saw the phone call.

This week on The Bachelorette, Frank Neuschaefer turned the tables on her, leaving her to be with his ex despite making it into Ali's final three. That left her reeling, but she still has two great guys remaining. Which should she pick?


I know I have probably waited way to long enter my own two cents worth. Ali and
Jake were manipulated by the Bachelor producers, namely Mark Fleiss (cousin of Heidi, remember
her??) Deliberately torn apart (hopefully NOT FOREVER) for the sake of ratings.


Ali's decision to like Jake just shows me that this girl cannot make a difference in her choice of men.She gets attached too easily to different men.Thank God she picked Roberto.Now I hope it works for them.


Oh, Ali, you don't need to cover for gay Jake - he can't help your career anyway because his is finished.


she wont pick either.
She can't make a decision.

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