Inked: Brody Jenner Gets Avril Lavigne Tattoo

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He may not be contractually allowed to reference her by name on The Hills (he's "seeing someone new"), but Brody Jenner is definitely smitten with Avril Lavigne.

The wannabe punk rocker has left her mark on Hollywood's JV womanizer, literally. Brody Jenner has a new tattoo seen on his forearm - it reads "Avril". Profound.

Playboy Party

While this may seem like an incredibly stupid move from a guy who changes girlfriends so rapidly, at least the huge "Jenner" tattoo on his side is more ridiculous.

Yes, we're serious about that one.

At least Avril returned the favor. Lavigne reportedly has "Brody" tattooed on her ribs, which was seen recently when she wore a bikini on the beach in Malibu.

When's the wedding, guys?

Hey, Hollywood relationships may come and go every couple of months, but tattoos on Brody Jenner's body are forever. [Photos:]


I like Brody he is so cute I just wish that he can find someone that is good for him *Smiles*. He deserves someone good. Not that we know whats good for him but he just need someone good to be with *smiles*. Good luck Brody.


i think its studip that someone gets a tattoes of each others name i think its fake


unlike his father bruce jenner who was an athlete, brody is a faggot come on what does brody ever do in life? hittin on chicks & be on a reality shows


I actually like Brody's Jenner Tat. Quit hatin'.


I think it is so STUPID to get a boyfriend/girlfriend's name tatts!! I only have my late husband's which means the world to me-these LOOSERS wouldn't know the first thing about love, marriage, or commitment!!


never ever get a name of a person tat.....just my thoughts. i do have my husbands date of birth but its in another form nobody will know what it means, or should say few will. I look at it we been together five years and we have all these great memories. just my thoughts.......


i think its fake because if they brake up he can watch it off


i think it's pen people... you know, avril is like a teenager...she probably just felt like drawing on him.
remember, they are an immature couple of losers... a tattoo is much too big of a commitment for that sleaze jenner


It doesn't look anything like a tattoo, more like that it's been drawn on with black pen. I'm sure it won't be there next time he's photographed


the dumbest thing you could ever do is getting your girlfriend's name tattoed!!! doesn't he know that?!?! i hope that's written in pen....

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Jayde Nicole, Brody Jenner
The great Brody Jenner goes to all the hottest clubs and is called the Prince of Malibu. He was once on a reality TV show called that,... More »
Los Angeles, California
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Sam Brody Jenner

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[Spencer bails on Brody's BBQ]
Brody Jenner: Just stop flaking out. I mean if you're going to make plans with me then just stick with it.
Spencer Pratt: You're a lot like LC over here.
Brody Jenner: I understand that you're in love. But it just sucks when you just flake out on your homies like this all the time.

You said you've been a bachelor for 23 years... that's good because you're about to get married, and you won't have any sex. I know some married couples, dude. They don't have sex!

Brody Jenner [trying to talk Spencer Pratt out of his engagement to Heidi Montag]