Heidi Montag Pulls Out of Reality Show; Jen Bunney Still Interested in Project

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The Hills is history. Now Heidi Montag's would-be reality show is too.

We know this must be devastating news, but try to keep it together.


The star planned to pair up with pal and former Hills hanger-on Jen Bunney on the world's worst reality show this year, but the Bun says that's off.

Well, for Heidi at least. She's still interested!

"I was supposed to do a reality show with Heidi, but it looks like some things have changed," Bunney writes on her blog, which apparently exists.

Heidi Montag and Jen Bunney, pre-face realignment.

What's more, she doesn't know if "Heidi wants to be involved in reality TV at the moment with everything going on in her personal life (no we are not in a fight, and no Heidi is not "dropping" me to do reality shows with the twins)."

Bunney's comments come amid rumors that Heidi Montag is shopping The Heidi Show with Hugh Hefner's exes, Kristina and Karissa Shannon.

Amazingly, Jen may still move forward sans Heidi: "Since that recent development our original network and some others have offered to continue on with the show despite Heidi possibly not being involved, which I just recently agreed to."

LOL. A Jen Bunney reality show? Honestly?

"I respect that she has a lot to deal with right now and have to decided to go ahead and move forward with it alone, since these opportunities have presented themselves (my hope is that she will want to be involved later on)," says Bunney.

"So I have already been to a few really productive meetings in the past few weeks, and the show is moving forward, looking to air this January."

No way this ever airs. None.


This is so messed up! These guys are the BIGGEST loser wannabe celebrities out there, because they have no talent worth viewing. Who really wants to waste time watching this sleazy, attention whoring midget travel around picking up & passing along std's to the fame whores he exploits for his own pleasure?! Girls will actually hook up with him just to be on tv and have a shot at fame. Well, good luck finding another one short enough for him. He should try to get back with Snookie. While no one could make this half pint appear tall, she at least doesn't make him look any worse, which a normal sized woman would. I bet he even uses shoe inserts!

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