Has Megan Fox Undergone Plastic Surgery?

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Apparently bored of conjuring up rumors about Bragenlina and Robsten, a pair of international tabloids have set their sights on Megan Fox.

In their latest issues, New Weekly and Famous - the same random magazines that claimed Brad and Angelina were finished last week - both made the following assertion: Fox has undergone plastic surgery.

While such an admission by Kim Kardashian is hardly news, this is the first time anyone has alleged Fox's ridiculous beauty is anything but natural. Study the supposed before-and-after cover photos below and come to your own conclusion:

A Foxy Cover

The actress married long-time boyfriend Brian Austin Green on June 24 and likely couldn't care less what Famous reports about her.

Still, we're curious: Do you think Megan Fox has undergone plastic sugery?


I have never commented here before but I just have to say, are you serious that this is the 1st time anyone has claimed Fox is fake? I read other gossip sites and it's pretty common knowledge out there.


TO gross: Very funny LMAO!!!


I want to barf. Looks just like a tranny.


She has always wanted to be like Angie-she wore simular dresses on the red carpet, has simular tatts and has just always idolized her in general. I think part of her surgeries has been based on wanting to look and be like Angie. I agree-what a tard!!


Is it me or des she look like Angling Julie now? what a tard.


@me, you are such a loser if you are spending your time studying photographs of Megan Fox to see if she has had work done FOR THREE YEARS. Seriously, wake up and get a grip.


Yes, she absolutely had bunch on stuff done to her face. You can totally tell, she just wants everyone to think that she is naturally beautiful but she is just another fake hollywood wanna be. Join the rest of them! Nothing new nothing special!


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v... This one shows more


YES ITS TRUE ARE YOU BLIND? I have been studying pictures of her since the beginning of 2007 and she has had alot of work done. 2 / 3 nose jobs,
lip plumping
chemical peels
dental work
a boob job
chin implant / shaved jaw line
mini brow lift
cheek fillers / implants. Her face has gone through so many changes since the first Transformers, are you honestly telling me that some people STILL think that she's a naturally PERFECTLY looking woman?
Take a look at pictures from 2004 - early 2007, and then from december 2007 till now and you will see how much she has had done. she is 100% fake.

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