Happy Birthday, Octomom!

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Nadya Denise Doud-Suleman Gutierrez, better known as just Nadya Suleman, or just the drain on society we call Octomom, is 35 today. Happy birthday, we guess!

The California lady gave birth to octuplets in January 2009, only the second full set to be born alive in the United States. Oh, and she had six children prior to that.

And no job, and no partner.

No wonder she's living hand-to-mouth. Free advice to all you unemployed single ladies out there - think twice before having 14 children via IVF. You're welcome.

So congratulations, Nads, on one more year of bilking taxpayers! Many happy returns! Click to enlarge some gems from our gallery of Nadya Suleman pictures:

You Da Mom!
Octomom From Hell
Vagina = Clown Car
Octomom For PETA
The Awful Octo Mom

My mother was an "illegal" when she arrived in this country, MsSarcia. Why'd she come here? To work her behind off in order to support her siblings in Mexico. My grandparents both died by the time my mother was 18, and she came to the US to find a job to support those she tearfully left in her native country. She succeeded and eventually earned her citizenship... ...Unlike YOU, MsSarcia/Nadya Suleman/Multi-Personality Lady, who are nothing MORE than a disgusting little cockroach. Wait. I take that back, for I am insulting a cockroach.


"Happy birthday", NOTya/MsSarcia/Melinda/Blakefo/All Your Personalities.


I am sad to see so many people typing garbage. This mom is not a monster, she has to live with her choices every day. Children are a gift and people should be helping her, not slamming her! If I lived closeby I'd help her if I could!


you say single,unemployed,mothers should think twice before having 14. If I thought of it once. I would not think twice. It would not need a second thought to know how stupit it would be. Is it an honer to have too many kids in Iraq? I dought that it is for a single mother. She would probaly be stoned in her fathers country, but it seems he is the one suporting this, not her mom .


You have a very lovely family, happy birthday!


Your children are beautiful!! I have seen a few of your interviews and read a few articles and you give me the impression that you are extremely intelligent, loving, and content. I don't think anyone could have a smile on their face as much as you do with all those children to take care of. So kudos to you! I wish you didn't receive so much criticism. What's done it done, therefore instead of people focusing negative energy on you, I wish they would apply that energy and focus on making themselves a better person, or better yet take that energy and go get the bad parents, child abusers, and criminals off the streets!


happy birthday Dear, load of happiness to you and your gorgeous babies!!! God bless you and your family!


hey i know mssarcia in person and shes not nadya suleman. i dont know who melinda is though. nadya sulaman would have no time to type in all of this. you all are ignorant and stupid.


Jeez. Melinda and mssarcia are both the same person. And that person is Nadya Suleaman. How pathetic.


mssarcia IS Nadya Suleman. For real. And hoe pathetic to be posting your own fanamail to yourself on your birthhday. She's so done, done,done.

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