Happy 48th Birthday, Tom Cruise!

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Happy birthday to Tom Cruise, who is kind of the man.

Yes, he jumps on couches, gets married a lot and shares opinions on political and social issues that many would consider out of the mainstream. We know this.

But what's really wrong with the guy? He's been one of Hollywood's biggest stars for almost three decades and for all the weirdness, is basically harmless.

He's fun, makes cool movies and seems to care most about being a good husband to Katie Holmes and a good dad to kids Isabella, Connor and little Suri.

What more can you ask for, really?

Tom Cruise is 48 years old today. Man, has the actor ever aged well ... in reality, he looks nothing like his hilarious, middle-aged alter ego Les Grossman!

From Risky Business to A Few Good Men, the Mission: Impossible series, Tropic Thunder and Knight and Day, he's been one of the most successful stars ever.

For good reason.

So cheers to you, Tom, on this third of July. Many happy returns, and keep up the awesome work. Click to enlarge some classic Tom Cruise pictures below ...

  • TomKat on the Red Carpet
  • Cameron and Tom
  • Tom and Connor
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Happy Birthday, TOM! Loved all your movies! Keep moving forward.


Thank you so much for this. Tom is really a fantastic person and loves his friends and family. He does so much good in the world. It's a shame people like os2 guy hates him so much, and why? Well, let's count all the mean and horrible things Tom Cruise has done in his life: Drugs? No. Alcohol? No. Beats women? No. Steals money? No. Jumps on sofas, has opinions? Yes! My kind of person. So "F" you OS2 guy. You hate him? Well, as the very wise George Lopez likes to say: "Don't look at it if you don't like it."


This guy is such a jerk. CANNOT understand why so many celebrity sites pay so much attention to him - as well as Lohan, Spears, Hilton, etc. All are gutter celebrities. None can act and Cruise is the worst of all. A religious zealot who lies to people and cons even more. Stop promoting this guy.


You can have him, Hollywood Gossip, he's all yours. (Holds nose with fingers.)


Still love to see this guy act! Tom rocks 48! Happy Birthday, Tom!


happy 48 birthday tom cruise,we love u so much.........,wat else can i say longlive tom cruise