Hannah Montana Sneak Peek: The Final Season

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Ready to enter an alternate universe?

Given the extreme makeover Miley Cyrus has undergone over the past couple months, it's jarring to remember that she still plays Hannah Montana on television.

In fact, that show will air the first episode of its final season tomorrow night. It finds the Stewarts moving into a new ranch home and we've posted a sneak peek at the premiere below.

Miley is front and center, but there are no same-sex kisses, no gyrating of the crotch and no torn-up, low-cut, ridiculous outfits to be seen...

Cyrus has gone out of her way to say she wants to shed this innocent image, but she really might wanna think twice about that.

After all, her new album sales have been abysmal. She may have to accept the fact that most fans want to see her as looks here, not as some Britney Spears wannabe:


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she does have the right to show her sexuality,
i just believe that it comes off sleezy and like she tries too hard.
there are other ways.
thanks for the support:)


@tilly: it is NOT wrong for a 17 year old pop star to show sexuality in her music or life just like it's not wrong for an 18 year old to do it, 17 and 18 year olds are sexual. Miley is only 4 months away from turning 18. She's not 12 anymore. Just because somebody wants to seem sexy doesn't mean they're a trainwreck.


Reese dont even explain yourself... you are right. Yes we do say a 17 year old selling her records using sexuality is wrong, look at her Blaize... she is 17!!! She needs to act 17 and sing 17 year old kinda songs. Surely if she has talent she doesnt need to use sex to sell her records???? And clearly l am not the only one who thinks so... look at her record sales!!! Its not right... its a disaster waiting to happen!!


im not saying no sexuality whatsoever,
but there are other ways to express it than slutty clothing.


@reese: We've got to keep the teen girls thinking that sexuality is wrong and label them as whores if their sexuality doesn't conform to conservative standards, right?


umm, duh.


Of course everyone prefers sweet innocence in teenage girls over experimentation, rebellion and sexuality.


I have to agree.... she does look adorable!! Thats the Miley that we all loved for sure... her manager needs to be fired, she couldve grown into the show you know and even turned it into a show that even 20 somethings would like, it just needed a little creative thinking... but Noooo she just had to go on the Britney ride... what a watse of potential!!
@menotyou, clarify that post before everyone sees it!!


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