Gregory Michael: Vienna Girardi and I Made Out!

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ABC can bleep his name all it wants, but Greek's Gregory Michael is caught in the middle of the Breakup of the Century between Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi.

In last night's explosive interview on The Bachelorette, Jake accused his ex-fiancee of cheating with Michael, which she denied. "There [was] nothing," she said.

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Michael says there was something, alright.

"That's a lie," the actor told Us Weekly. "We definitely made out that weekend [June 20] and Vienna made it very clear that it was over between her and Jake."

Girardi said they only danced for less than "nine seconds," but Michael counters: "I wouldn't say we danced for a few seconds. We danced as a group all night."

"We also danced alone for parts of the evening."

Was Vienna Girardi lying about her dalliances with Gregory Michael during last night's tell-all interview - and is Jake's now-single ex seeing the Greek star now?

Michael says she did tell the truth when she told Jake Pavelka that she hardly knew him: "At the time the interview was conducted, we hardly knew each other."

But he took aim at Jake when the former Bachelor star referred to him directly when saying, "That boy told me you cheated when he went on-the-record."

"I never said she cheated," Michael insisted. "I said we hooked up and she said they were broken up. I would never do that if she was in a relationship."

He says he doesn't know anything about Pavelka's claim that Vienna Girardi hooked up with other guys: "I don't know what flings Jake is referring to."

The ABC interview ended with Vienna storming out in tears after Jake raised his hand in anger and stunningly reprimanded her for interrupting him.

What do you think? Do you believe Vienna? Does this swing your opinion back toward Jake at all? Choose your side in THG's survey below:


to Bob Loblaw: Gregory is definitely definitely NOT GAY. and also... just wondering. is he single?


and if someone can figure out how to post pics on here i can prove it.


I dated him when I was in 11th grade, and he was a senior. He's doing it for publicity. No doubt about it. And you could be right Bob - I wouldnt doubt it for one second.


TO ED: Really I could be a whole lot FUCKING worse-sorry for your poor virgin ears or eyes WHATEVER!!!


Um....Gregory is GAY! Hello! Even if they made out, it wouldn't mean a thing....dude is gayer than Jake!


monkey, you need to clean up your language.


Thrilled, You sound like a low-class individual to talk about another human being like that!


yeah, but Vienna also said her and Jake were broken up, or maybe she planned to end it when she went out with this guy. Obviously, she was going to end it, and it didn't matter anymore.


I believe Greg. He's Not doing this for publicity. He's an actor on two shows (Greek, Dante's Cove) & has been acting for over 10 years There were lies coming from both Jake & Vienna in that show Monday. Im just glad someone is calling Vienna out.


The next Spencer Pratt!

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