Free Lindsay! Lohan May Be Out Before August

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So much for 90 days.

Officials plan to release Lindsay Lohan as soon as possible, according to reports, and every time you turn around, more time is shaved off the star's sentence.

The probation-violating 24-year-old just had two more days credited for time she previously spent in custody, meaning she may be free by the end of the month.

Lindsay was sentenced to Lynwood Correctional Facility July 20 to begin a 90-day stay for failure to comply with probation stemming from a 2007 DUI arrest.

Free Lindsay!

This deranged Lindsay fan may get his wish sooner rather than later ... and should probably check into an institution himself. [Photo:]

But Lohan's jail time will be cut by two-thirds for good behavior, and more by overcrowding. The media circus surrounding her may also press authorities.

Lindsay was expected to be released around August 1-2, or under 14 days of her 90-day sentence. Not the worst deal - and she may even beat that now.

There is hope the actress could even be released this weekend, if her attorneys can swing it. No word if they'll be successful, but they're certainly trying.

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@anna, are you on crack? no seriously? because who in their right mind sticks up for lindsay lohan???? She should be in jail longer not for an hour. I dont know why you support this girl but somethings is seriously wrong with you if you dont think this girl needed jail time. smh!


I don't even know why people like her and want her to get out of jail!She just wants people to love her and bail her out. She's got my name but she is nothing like me!


That is so not fair. All we're doing is showing everyone to become famous, do the crime w/out serving the time. Thanks society!


My boyfriend had to go to a 9 month rehab program for a probation violation. he did the same thing lindsay lohan did and she gets this special treatment because she's a celebrity? NO ! she will keep doing the same thing and expect everyone to bail her out. I don't think it's fair.


I am so sorry for what Lindsay has to endure. People are just ganging up on her because she is a celebrity. Most individuals who have been accused of the same crime Lindsay has been would serve one hour at most. Jail is not the answer! I wish the best for her.


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