Free Lindsay! Lohan May Be Out Before August

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So much for 90 days.

Officials plan to release Lindsay Lohan as soon as possible, according to reports, and every time you turn around, more time is shaved off the star's sentence.

The probation-violating 24-year-old just had two more days credited for time she previously spent in custody, meaning she may be free by the end of the month.

Lindsay was sentenced to Lynwood Correctional Facility July 20 to begin a 90-day stay for failure to comply with probation stemming from a 2007 DUI arrest.

Free Lindsay!

This deranged Lindsay fan may get his wish sooner rather than later ... and should probably check into an institution himself. [Photo:]

But Lohan's jail time will be cut by two-thirds for good behavior, and more by overcrowding. The media circus surrounding her may also press authorities.

Lindsay was expected to be released around August 1-2, or under 14 days of her 90-day sentence. Not the worst deal - and she may even beat that now.

There is hope the actress could even be released this weekend, if her attorneys can swing it. No word if they'll be successful, but they're certainly trying.

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she isn't going to change or learn anything being let out now
this is ridiculous
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I knew someone who went in for 10 days for his 2nd dui and was out in less than 24 hours, possibly less than 12. CA is messed up and if you are a NON VIOLENT offender, you will be let out quickly to make room for violent people who really need to be behind bars for the public safety. Lindsay, while charged with a DUI, is not a violent person in the same way a murderer is. And honestly, if you think Lynnwood is a country club - think again. It's a nasty hard core joint. Doubtful any one of you could survive 90 days in there alive unless under protection or unless you're a tough ho, and I mean tough. So she's doing her time, it's probably more than any of you could do. Yeah she deserves it. Just chill.


why cant they just force the little spoiled bitch sit. If it were anybody else they would have to serve the whole sentence.What does this kind of behavior sway about us to the rest of the world about America, that you can get away with anything?????????????


What a shocker...barf. She needs to have her spirit and morale broken before they can fix it. Unfortunately, due to "overcrowding" it won't happen. I don't even think 90 days would do the trick to be honest, unless it was legit jail...which of course it won't be.


90 days in jail might just the thing needed to save this train wreck's life. If the system keeps giving her breaks because of her celebrity status, she's bound to end up in a body bag.


I can not believe that Lindsay Lohan ended up being no more than a cry baby when it came time to face the music.


Firstly I disagree that everyone is ganging up on her just because she's a celebrity. The girl is a mess and she needed some kind of intervention a long time ago. Who knows what will happen if she continues this way and the fact that she denies anything is wrong is not a good sign.
I think sending her to jail was a great idea though ridiculous if she's let out after only a week or so. Also ridiculous is the fact that while in jail she is being supplied with all the prescription medication she was using before she went in. Her addiction to these pills amongst other substances needs to be dealt with. If numerous stints in rehab didn't help then I doubt a few days in jail will.


Let her serve the entire 90 days. Cheaper than rehab.


How do you get time off for good behavior when you have only been in jail a couple of days? Time served? 84 minutes. Why waste the tax payers money with this farce of bringing criminals to court. Just let them do as they please in the first place because they don't have to do the sentences anyway.


Anna i agree no one gets 90 days for missing a few classes but making them up and completing the program.
Free Lindsay


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