Elisabetta Canalis at Center of Cocaine, Nightclub Scandal

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Up until now, Elisabetta Canalis has been known as the gorgeous woman on the arm of George Clooney for the past year.

But the Italian beauty suddenly finds herself in the news for other, far more sordid reasons: a fellow model (turned prostitute) claims she saw Canalis snort a couple lines of cocaine at a Milan nightclub in 2007.

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Referring to a 2007 incident at The Club, an establishment under investigation for allowing drugs and sex, Karima Menad told prosecutors two years ago: "I remember taking cocaine with Elisabetta Canalis and two others."

This admission is part of documents obtained this week by Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Canalis started dating Clooney last July, but Menad was referring to a night in December 2007 in her testimony, adding:

"We had been at a party of some famous, rich celebrity whose name I cannot remember. I don't remember who brought the drugs but we all took it."

The Club was shut down on July 26 amidst reports that women were brought in to entertain customers.

"Their job was to encourage these customers to drink alcohol as to increase the table's bill, followed up by sex off premises," said prosecutor Frank Di Maio. "They were often given cocaine for free by those who want to sit at a table of famous people... they want the visibility that comes from being seated at a central table, and to be seen with models, or celebrities from fashion, entertainment and sport."

Canalis is yet to comment on her alleged role in this scandal.


If Clooney satys with her, he's damaging his good name .
Sh e was a call girl and a cocke user, she's NOT suited to a man kime him.
I hope he gets back to his senses


In Italy we surely do love Clooney. His comments on the Italian justice system are even reported by the press, (there must be little news lately). We also see journalists who are trying to get a picture from outside his mansion on lake Como being wet by buckets of water, and their tyres being cut open when they park their cars in the same town. What a deceiving behaviour for a man who tries to be "politically correct". What about a nice mansion in the Hamptons Mr. Clooney? Wouldn't that work for you?


Ms. D_b_ Hall is nothing more than an extra following Babu in the hopes to get to George just as Ms. Elliot had done until her assignment drew to a close for nebbing into his business. And Miss Canalis is nothing more than a reconcocted version of Ms. Larson who will in comparions have gotten of easily for her contractual obligations. And Mr. Star will have seen sometimes it takes another trip around the block to drive a lesson home,scathed or unscathed. As a hint: Her last harrah begins soon, but don't cream your jeans just.

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