Elin Woods to Get $100 Million in Tiger Divorce

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Her divorce all but a formality, Elin Nordegren Woods will very soon walk away from her six-year marriage with Tiger Woods with approximately $100 million.

The completion of Tiger Woods' divorce papers came to light this week after months of speculation over what eventually became a question of when, not if.

A source with direct knowledge says the payout is $100,000,000.

Originally, we had heard that Elin would score $750 million from the golfer, a figure reported by the New York Daily News, MSNBC, the UK's Sun and others.

That number is way, way off ... not that a hundred mill is shabby.

JUST DO IT: Elin Woods will be rid of Tiger, but those Nike royalties remain!

No idea where they got that amount, but it would be hard to pay out that much, given that Tiger Woods, for all his sports godliness, is not even worth that.

His net worth is somewhere between $500-600 million, Forbes says, and they also had a prenup. However, $100 million is more than it would have allotted.

Way more. Guess she had leverage ... a lot of it. Her biggest chip, aside from his 847 mistresses, was confidentiality - the cost of her silence proved steep.

Sources say Elin Woods will also receive child support, but the specific amount is unclear at this time. The $100 million is not speculation, though - it's done.

Not only is she set for life, but Elin can take solace in the fact that Rachel Uchitel scored a paltry $10 million from Tiger to keep her mouth shut. Sucker!


If Tiger didn't give her 100 million she would have gone back to being a nanny. I'd say that she made out pretty well for a nanny. She knew that Tiger was having these affairs but didn't care because she had a plan. Marry him, have babies and then divorce him and be set for life. She played her cards right and actually won. A hundred million dollars for anyone is enough to live on. She'll move on to the next sucker, I'm sure.


For recklessly endangering the health and life of the mother of his children, his wife, I think Tigers Wood got off easy. He should be in prison for assault on poor Elin's health and well being. He thinks he's a king, a god of some sort and can do anything he pleases. What a rotten human being! He's got a ton of bad karma coming his way because of his ignorance, selfishness, and narcissism. Vess, Tiger Woods is Tiger Wood's soulmate. He loves only himself. He'll die a lonely old man (probably from STDs).




Hoe got 10 million. Wife got 100 million. Duh!


Personally, I would have taken the pre-nup and written a book. She would have gotten far more money for it and at least some satisfaction for telling her side of the story. Tiger deserves nothing. Seriously, she was screwed over how many times?


That's just great. I hope she'll find someone, who will love her the way she deserves. And maybe Tiger will also find a woman, he will really love, his soulmate. Elin obviously wasn't his soulmate


This is not nearly enough in my opinion. Elin should take 90% of Tiger's money, plus she should take ALL his houses and luxury yachts and so on. Also he must pay her 75% of what he earns for the rest of his life. But most importantly Elin should lock Tiger into a permanent chastity belt so that he can NEVER EVER have sex again.


I am not saying that Tiger should not pay for his indiscretion but come on now! I think that $100 Mill is a bit much. Just because the man is rich shouldn't mean that he needs to pay through the nose. After all his children and ex-wife who had no money when she met him will live comfortably for the rest of their lives. With that kind of money I am sure through investments will grow and all will be set for life. That much money they wont be able to spend in a lifetime. Anger has brought out the greed. Sure would be nice if the wealthy would share those millions with the less fortunate in life.


Good for Elin, I'm just sad she didn't get more out of that disgrace!

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