Dolly Parton to Critics: Leave Miley Cyrus Alone!

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Country music legend is admittedly biased, but she has a message for critics of Miley Cyrus:

Give the girl a break!

In an interview with Fox News, Parton is asked about the rebukes of Miley's new image these days and says: "I've known her since she was a baby." She then takes the same stance on digs directed at Cyrus as Miley herself takes on pants:

"I hate it when people criticize her," Dolly says.

Miley and Her Bra

Parton continues to praise her "honorary goddaughter," adding: "She is a great singer; she has a great voice. She's a great little entertainer and she can speak to you like she is 50 years old."

We guess that's true. At least if 50 year-olds are known for spouting Hallmark card-like cliches about love and life.

In closing, Dolly seems to at least acknowledge that Miley's new CD has been a bust on the charts, but the singing legend takes a grander, positive view of her young pal:

"She'll land in the right place. I really know she has everything it takes. She is just trying to find her way and she will."

Those words sound eerily similar to what some people said about Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan back in the day. Let's hope Miley's path ends in a different location from that of those two trainwrecks.


@anonymous(and I sure wish you would take advantage of that name,and remain so): First off---I was answering @Claire. Maybe,if your senses work at all,you'll note that @Claire and I had traded a couple of posts before you decided to butt-in. Anyway,if you truly 'do not care'---why reply? In-order to know about the texts(whether big or small)you MUST be reading them. If you don't like them---No-one makes you read them. Roll-out,or just don't read mine. Problem solved...And Miley is incredibly talented,'Hotter' than the Suns-Core,and more awesome than your feeble mind could EVER deduce---You pompous,vomit-sucking,wind-bag...So,to sum it up: Look for me to be around for quite a while...Later,hater; Hollywood---out...


UGH @hollywood STFU ALREADY!!!
no one likes miley except you
this is a place for opinion & we dont care if you reply to us sending us big texts or small texts telling us she is a "talented girl"
She wouldnt be talented or hot even if she got a surgery or got ran over!
she is a flake and she's never gonna change.!
reply all you want but idgaf no one cares about what you think.!


@Claire: No,not every post. It may seem like-it,but---I've missed a few. Some actually had enough other defenders that I didn't need to respond. And Any that have to do with her personal life such as Boyfriends or romances---I think that should be hers privately and I Never comment on those. So now you DO know,Lol! Later;Hollywood---out...


That if l check every Miley post l would see one of your comments!!!


@Claire: You just knew---What?


Hollywood l just knew it!!!


@hilton hater why do so many people assume that because of the way miley dresses and dances that shes destined to be a drug-abusing, rehab-going, alcohol dependant, jail-going trainwreck like lindsay or britney? lots of stars have dressed and danced provocatively without ending up like them. and before anybody pulls the pathetic age card try to remember that a lot of them were also under 20: rihana, madonna, beyonce, christina, brook shields, megan fox- the list goes on. they didnt end up like those 2. besides, dressing and dancing provoatively isnt even what caused britney and lindseys problems.


she'll be a teen washout, no doubt.
untalented and annoying; shes only famous cause of her one hit wonder dad.


WAY TO GO DOLLY!!! I fully agree with her(though I'm sure that doesn't come as too-much of a shock to any of you who know me). You already know that I Believe Miley to be no-less than awesome...And yeah---Miley's gonna end-up in the right place. The place that makes her feel the best(or should I say where she wants to be?) Either way---she's(Miley)going to be just FINE...Granted,when I say-it,it doesn't mean very much. However,when someone like Dolly says it(who is a Definite Legend)---then you have major evidence to support what many Miley fans have been saying for quite a while. Thanks again,Miss Parton. It was a pleasure hearing you speak-up on behalf of your God-daughter... And,I must say once again---GO DOLLY! And add: GO MILEY!! Later y'all;Hollywood---out




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