Did Mel Gibson Hit Oksana Grigorieva's Son?

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The accusations against Mel Gibson keep piling up. The actor's ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, claims he grabbed her son and threw him on a table in a rage.

All over a cigarette, no less.

Awful Oksana

Oksana's son is 12, and his father is her ex, Timothy Dalton. The potential significance of the cigarette incident with Gibson is that may have been witnesses.

That's a stark contrast to the Mel Gibson tapes, which - despite their awfulness - were recorded without his consent, in unknown context, and possibly edited.

With regard to the alleged attack on Oksana's son Alexander, who also goes by Sacha, the boy was playfully trying to knock a cigarette out of Mel's mouth.

Oksana claims that Mel just exploded, grabbing the boy and throwing him violently onto a table. The issue came up during their custody mediation in May.

At that point, Mel and Oksana were trying to work out an custody deal for daughter Lucia, eight months - and a financial settlement that involved the tapes.

For reasons unknown, Oksana left $15 million on the table.

In any case, Oksana's people informed Mel's lawyers of the attack, while his camp says "numerous adults and children" saw the incident - and differently.

Mel's lawyers claim witnesses will say it just goofing around and Mel did not get physical with Sacha, who accidentally fell as he was jumping for Mel's smoke.

The criminal domestic violence investigation hinges on credibility. Right now, it's hard to establish who has it. The tapes are bad, but criminally, prove little.

Robyn Gibson gave Mel a huge boost with her declaration last week, and if witnesses come forward to back him here too, Oksana's credibility will take a hit.

On a related note, Radar Online has obtained the photo of a bruised Lucia that Oksana is using to plead with police and the courts to strip Mel of custody.

The photo of Lucia shows what looks like a small abrasion on her chin, which Oksana claims she sustained in a January 6 brawl in which Mel hit them both.

Again, we're not defending Mel or saying he's not at fault, but the bruise looks very small, and could have occurred at any time and in any number of ways.

Ultimately, the authorities and courts will decide if a crime occurred, and whether Mel can be trusted with Lucia. Whose side are you on?


God! HE defamed himself! Don't you see it?
Again, she did not "share" the tapes with Radar, she took it to the L.A Police department...Radar obtained it from there...I don't think there are many of Gibson's fans out there, after his "Jew hate" and the "sugartits" comments in 2004 during his drunken arest.


Lie destector would be great about now!! Mel's laywer should be asking for that right now before she defames him any more than she has already!!


his lawyers say they have evidence she's lying and extorting him, and unlike her side, which feels compelled to leak stories to the press, they're not sharing. i'm withholding judgment until the court's decision. this site does a pretty good job of telling both sides, but only the police/court possess all the evidence to get to the bottom of it.


By all indications, Mel Gibson should have continued making movies with Danny Glover.Even though the movie "The Passion of the Christ" was a hugh hit for Mel as a director,his personal behavior went on a downhill spiral,after that movie, and continued bad publicity with his rants and raves. Religion is nothing to *play with,and maybe Mel need to seek out a higher power to keep him out of the doghouse with his rants and raves that end up being so negatively played out in public. Just saying!!


so this cigarette incident happened last year in Costa Rica?
and she did moved in with Mel??? Oksana should be put on lie detector .

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