Did Mel Gibson Abuse Oksana Grigorieva? New Photo of Alleged Attack Surfaces

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A new photo has surfaced that Oksana Grigorieva says provides strong evidence of Mel Gibson punching her during an explosive January 6 argument.

Oksana has deep bruises around her left eye after she claims Mel punched her in the head twice, damaging her teeth. You can see the photo here.

Police are investigating Gibson for domestic violence. Oksana Grigorieva has accused him of punching her twice as they argued at his home that day.

The actor's ex-girlfriend has told authorities she was holding her baby Lucia when Mel struck her in the mouth and the head, near the left temple.

Photographs published by Radar Online purportedly show a bruised Oksana the morning after the confrontation. The images are pretty gruesome.

The Mel-Oksana saga gets uglier by the day.

Earlier this month, a photo of Oksana was published showing damage to her teeth. Her dentist says this was likely caused by a blow to the head.

Mel denies hitting Oksana and his lawyers have told police that she tried to extort him. A separate investigation into that matter is also underway.

So far, Mel has not been stripped of visitation rights or charged with any crime. His estranged wife Robyn says he was never abusive in 28 years.

But is the evidence piling up against the star?

Coupled with text messages and one vile Mel Gibson rant after another, is he running out of legal wiggle room? Do the photos prove anything?

That's what the police are trying to determine.


Forgot to add, that's an injection bruise. I've seen them before.


Anyone else finds it interesting that as soon as Oksana's motives or "proof" gets questioned, another piece of even more damning evidence suddenly materializes? Don't get me wrong, Mad Mel is all kinds of vile, but Gold-Digger clearly knew what she was getting into when she hooked up with him.


We're all so sick of both Mel and money-grubber Oksana, gossip sites could sell tickets for a chance at smacking both of them.


Stop stop stop. the over-saturation of this "he done me wrong" crap -i don't care. I am so team mel. i am numb i don't feel for this pathetic victim please make her go away.....


He's definitely crazy but I seriously don't see the swelling that should be there with that kind of trama (I've boxed in the past). The bruising is yellow in some areas which usually you see with older bruises. Not only that - but I have seen botox bruising that is similar.

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