Denied! Judge Shoots Down Tammy Lee Michaels in Court, Backs Melissa Etheridge

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Round one of the Melissa Etheridge/Tammy Lynn Michaels split has gone to the singer.

Following Etheridge's motion to dissolve her partnership with Michaels, the latter filed for full custody of the pair's children and stated that her ex has not been supporting her or the kids "financially and otherwise."

However, a L.A. County Superior Court judge shot down Tammy's request for $25,000 this week, as Etheridge's attorney convinced the court his client is, indeed, footing the bills for her family.

"[Tammy] is being completely supported by Melissa and has been since they separated," Neal Hersh told People. "She’s being well-provided for and then some, as are the children, which are Melissa’s first priority."

Hersh says these expenses include $2,000 a month, along with household bills and a car lease. Tammy's legal team doesn't dispute these facts.

Steven Knowles says "Melissa is paying various sundry expenses," but adds that his client and her three-year old twins are "destitute... It doesn’t put money in her wallet. Literally she has no cash."

Etheridge and Michaels were together for nine years. Sadly, it seems this break-up will get uglier before it gets any better.


melissa don't be a cheap ass and step up to the plate! it's your fault why my idol tammy ain't got no job! you asked her to leave her hollywood career to be a babysitter! melissa your an old dyke what did tammy ever see in you?! tammy deserves much better


how much does her wardrobe and make up cause when doing a concert? more than $2,000 for sure. WTF! she's treating them like charity case. don't get married and plan to have kids when you can't afford 'em!


Not just $2000.00 a month. All of Tammy's and the children's expenses are taken care of, then she gets $2000.00 just for herself? Until there is a settlement that is more than fair.


only 2000 per month!!!?!? for her plus the kids?? HOW MUCH MONEY DOES ETHERIDGE HAVE?? she's a bitch. plain and simple, a CHEAP bitch. way to give a good public image and reputation to yourself as an a-hole. loser.

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