Danielle Staub: You're Welcome, New Jersey!

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Listen up, Snooki and The Situation: Danielle Staub has fighting words for you!

In an interview with OK! Weekly, the Really Effed Up Housewife of New Jersey is asked about the recent spotlight on New Jersey, courtesy of shows such as her Bravo hit, Jersey Shore and Jerseylicious. She takes full credit for the state's glory:

The Naked Truth

“It’s the Jersification of the world,” she says. “I’d like to think it started with yours truly. I brought enough to bring a lot of attention to New Jersey, and I’m going to hold it and keep it.”

You might wanna band together and protest, Jersey residents. Is THIS really the image you wish to represent you?

Despite the recent release of her sex tape, along with the televised brawl between her and a couple co-stars, Staub tells the magazine that she's a role model for her kids:

“What I’ve learned about myself is to watch more carefully what I do say, and what I do. I try to set a good example for my children through what they’re learning when I’m living.”

As for her home state, Danielle takes pleasure in speaking for it. What should the world know about New York's lovely neighbor?

“The biggest misconceptions about New Jersey would be that we are filled with gossip... It’s about being real, being good to one another and family-oriented. I think people are missing it when they think we’re all into shopping. I cook. I cook every day for my kids... we’re all about family.”

Note to Danielle: trust us, the issue people take with you has nothing to do with shopping.


The only one with CLASS is Caroline. If Theresa got in my face she would be spending a few nights in a hospital bed. As for Danielle she needs serious mental help. This woman would if she could get away with it claim fame to the invention of the world. Sorry D that claim to fame has been taken. I truley feel sorry for the children.


I live in New Jersey.. 10 minutes away from the town, Wayne, that she lives in actually (I live in Teresa's town) and I have to say she is trash to Jersey's name. I can handle Jersey Shore's rep.. but Danielle claiming she brought fame to us Jerseyans makes me sick


Seriously...this woman has anger problems and thinks that everyone is against her. I thought I would give her a try after last season...but....she has showed her true wicked colors. Personally, I am not interested to see such hate and drama between women. I think Teresa is at fault too to edge her on the way she did. Ashley has some serious growing pains and if she doesn't listen to someone now she is going to be a loser just like Danielle. I feel sorry for her daughters..... Poor girls to have a mother on TV acting the way she does. And who in the hell goes to a strip mall to have plastic surgery? Oh yeah, Danielle. I am done with this show!


she needs to lighten up, and stop being so sensitive and confrontational, i mean, it is near impossible to do things that DON'T get her upset, and that just gets everyone else upset with her. I hope she watches the show, and learns from it.
If she doesn't want her entire past examined, then she should stay off of tv reality shows.
in addition, i wonder why she's even on a houseWIVES show if she's not married.
the producers are using her because her whole manner makes for "Danielle Drama", and that means ratings for the show.




Hey don't come over to CALI!!


Get out of my state, ho.


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