Cuties in Concert: Justin Bieber and David Archuleta Celebrate Fourth of July

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Forget fireworks, beach visits and barbecues.

There's only one real way to celebrate the Fourth of July: by sitting back and listening to the melodic sounds of the two most adorable singers alive today.

That's what lucky concert attendees in New York City and Washington D.C. enjoyed on Sunday, as Justin Bieber performed for the former and David Archuleta for the latter.

Fortunately, THG is your hook-up for footage from these events, as you can watch Bieber belt out a version of "Somebody to Love" below and Archuleta follow it up with a rendition of "Stand By Me." Happy birthday, America, thanks for giving us these talented young stud muffins...

[video url="" title="Stand By David"] [/video]


Hmmmm... Archie and Bieber both perform at simultaneous July 4th celebrations, both have similarly titled single "Something 'bout Love" and "Someone to Love"... and a few other things. Coincidence? Bieber's cute, and okay. But Archie can actually sing. Yet the industry is more interested in Bieber, as singing is of no interest to them.


Ugh. As an Archuleta fan, I'm a little bit embarrassed by the fans who are insulting Justin Bieber on here. There's no reason to do that as the article was very complimentary to both of them. It's not a comparison piece so why feel the need to defend David? Some people like David better, some like Bieber, and some like both. Deal with it please.


No need to diss one if you like the other one better. I believe they are both good singers. I like Archuleta's voice better and don't feel any connection to Bieber, but I'm sure there's something about him. After all, many people think he's amazing.


The two pictures above are exactly showing who they are as an artist. Beaver, commercial, light-weight an idol for tweens. Archuleta, serious/(can be commercial if he wants), heavy-weight an idol for all ages (the Fourth of July show attracted 400,000 people in DC). Archuleta's serious musicianship draws many adults fans. Trust me. I have seen grown-up men wiping their tears when he sang 'Prayer of the Children' in his concerts.


Beiber is "not" singing live! Wonder why? No comparison David's vocals continue to amaze me.


The ONLY think Archuleta and Bieber have in common is that they are CUTE -- Archuleta can SING! That's a big difference to be BOTH CUTE and able to carry a good tune!


David is the BEST. The great thing with David is that its never about him. This song dedicated to the troups is just one example of how he ALWAYS thinks of others, what will benefit others, what will be good for others, how he cares about others FIRST. He never thinks of himself FIRST. If you don't already know David, believe me, you should. He looks like a kid, but he knows more about what's important in life than most adults. He is an exemplary human being; one to be emulated. And that very special extra is, HE CAN SING. Mary, forget the background dancers. Some performers need them, David does not.


Personally, I love David Archuleta's I watched the Capital 4th (twice- as they replayed the show). David was amazing as always singing the National Anthem and then dedicated "Stand by Me" to the troops. I can't wait for David's new single to be released to radio called "Something Bout Love" - awesome song!


David is an amazing singer !


David Archuleta never disappoints and such a wonderful tribute to the troups! That final note is a killer! Whoa, what a voice!

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