Cuties in Concert: Justin Bieber and David Archuleta Celebrate Fourth of July

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Forget fireworks, beach visits and barbecues.

There's only one real way to celebrate the Fourth of July: by sitting back and listening to the melodic sounds of the two most adorable singers alive today.

That's what lucky concert attendees in New York City and Washington D.C. enjoyed on Sunday, as Justin Bieber performed for the former and David Archuleta for the latter.

Fortunately, THG is your hook-up for footage from these events, as you can watch Bieber belt out a version of "Somebody to Love" below and Archuleta follow it up with a rendition of "Stand By Me." Happy birthday, America, thanks for giving us these talented young stud muffins...

[video url="" title="Stand By David"] [/video]


for those who this he is lip syncing he isn't he sings over a recoreded track.
And i read in a magazine that for "baby" it's too high for him the baby baby baby oh part.. so he gets the crowd to sing it so he's not off tune with the recoreded track.. at lease this is what i heard .


Does Justin ever sing live anyone? You can tell this isnt live because he puts the microphone to the crowd and his voice is still singing! Totally lip singing!!!!!


Ugh, there is no comparison between David Archuleta and the wannabe Bieber. Beiber is all flash and ego. Archuleta is a beautiful soul with stellar vocals! David is the epitome of the words "Real Talent". I love his voice, I love his heart, I love his humility. His fans will be around for years to come. Bieber is a flash-in-the-pan. Sorry, but that is how I feel. God Bless David Archuleta.


David was a class act in D.C. (as always.) :)


Arggh. I hate these comparisons...His Beibes ain't got nothin' in common with The Archulator!
One's all ego. The other is all Heart and 100% real.


Love, love, love David Archuleta!! Incredible voice and rare musicality, beyond endearing, and gorgeous to boot. I'm a HUGE fan of David's and will be until well past forever. Guaranteed!


Both cuties for sure! LOVED David's Stand by Me.


David Archuleta you are aweeesssooomeeeee!!!! you feel every word of the song you play and make us do it too. :)
Ly ♥


David Archuleta appeals to me because of his unique voice and beautiful character. His voice is like none other and he sings lives almost pitch perfect. Loved the capital performances and he truly was a wonderful representative of someone who really cares and loves his fellow man.


If I had Bieber fever if would feel like the Flu. He is NOT cute. Got better things to do than watch some kid run around and grab himself. Archie on the other hand is every man I could ever want. Seems like every other pic he takes, he reminds me of yet another person I realy liked. Love his vocals and new song.

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