Church Members Taunt, Protest Justin Bieber for Sinning Against God

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In the eyes of teenage girls around the globe, Justin Bieber is a heartthrob who can do nothing wrong.

But in the eyes of a specific sect of mentally unbalanced church goers, this 16-year old is a shaggy-haired example of all that's wrong with the world.

At last night's concert in Kansas City, members of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church protested Justin "to remind all of those in attendance that America's destruction is imminent."

What's their specific beef with Bieber? The group says he "has a platform given to him by God to speak to this world; he has a duty to teach obedience by his actions and words. He refuses to do that because he knows his concert halls would be empty! So, he teaches you to sin and rebel against God's commandments."

Well, sure... but just look at that adorable face!

Justin Photograph

Earlier this month, the church also protested Lady Gaga concerts in St. Louis and Oklahoma City. They did the same to Adam Lambert last summer, rallying against his homosexuality.

Members have been known to show up at funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan with signs reading "Thank God for Dead Soldiers" and "God Hates Fags." They criticized Bieber for performing last Christmas in Washington where "he got to pose with Anti-Christ Beast Obama," adding:

"He and Obama are of one mind and they are leading this nation to hell! Justin will answer to God!"

That's possible. But when he does, God will likely give the dude props for setting a new YouTube record.


These people are so sad. They protested Adam Lambert last year and this year too just about two weeks ago. They had anti gay and anti Jewish signs and Adam is gay and Jewish so that's double hurtful :(


woooow. ummm crazy?


dat :) smiley face girl is a dum bitch how culd she say justin is not adorible she needs to get her mind strate really


justi eu amo voce teho 14 amos e te amo jksssssssssssssssss


Do unto others as u would have them do unto u. Guess that means the families of soldiers funerals they protested have a right to protest back right? They died serving their country and protecting that "Right to free speech" that they are totally misusing.Grown adults attacking a 16 yr old with their dillusions. I work in a Psych Unit we may have a place for all of this so called "Church" obviously they need mental help


8.13.10 in la at the hebrew union college they will be protesting from 10:30-11. so if u live in la u should go protest them. on their web site they show all of their protests they will do. im tired of their "church" (more like a hate group if u ask me)




I wish i had the kind of time on my hands that these people do! If only they would use their powers for good instead of evil.






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