Christina Milian to Judge: Throw Out The-Divorce Papers From The-Dream

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The-Dream has a problem.

Christina Milian wants a judge a throw out her husband's divorce papers, claiming he not only lied about the status of their relationship, but cheated on her.

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Milian is livid over The-Dream's claim that they were legally separated when he filed for divorce in February and he was simply too embarrassed to admit it.

That took place days before Milian gave birth to their daughter.

In her legal response, filed last week in Georgia, she claims the marriage wasn't over then, and they had "marital relations on numerous occasions" after.

THE-DIVORCE: It's getting ugly for Milian and Dream.

In addition to disputing the February separation, Christina has other issues.

Milian also claims that if the court does grant the divorce, it shouldn't be based on The-Dream's claim that the 10-month marriage is "irretrievably broken."

Instead, it should be because the The-Dream was cheating on her.

Even worse, Milian says she signed a settlement agreement with The-Dream in which both waved alimony or ownership rights to the other's property.

The problem? Milian only signed when The-Dream brought them to her bedside when she was none-months pregnant and not in the proper mindset.


'Irretrievably broken' means it can never be fixed, I think. And yes she was mad, why not? The guy is cheating on her, then comes out with this statement about how he's crying all the time & had thoughts of suicide because he was so upset the marriage had ended....Bull. Divafan you're right...the guy was a nobody till he hooked up with her & it seems like he got what he wanted & moved on. Milian is a smart girl, it's a shame she fell for this fool.


First Dream is a low down dity dog waiting to get whats in store for him. Dream care only for himself in that whole relationship, as we can see forcing his wife to sign pappers yet he's cheating on her while she was lying in a hosipal bed having her baby. Girl call Kelis and get her lawyer's number and make him support you and your child. Dream will get his old dirty basta***rd gay a**s*s crow.


confused on what the hell hel the dream did to her that was she made about....what does irretrievably broken mean?

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