Caitlin Beadles: Dating Justin Bieber Again?!?

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Sit down, female readers. Stop operating heavy machinery. We have troubling news:

Justin Bieber may have a girlfriend. We have reason to believe the shaggy-haired stud is back together with Caitlin Beadles. Here's why:

In mid-June, we know Bieber was in the Bahamas, Tweeting photos of himself and Kim Kardashian. On June 6, meanwhile, Beadles Tweeted the following: Bahamas here I come!!!! :)

A few days later, she took it a step further with: What happens in the Bahamas stays in the Bahamas! :P

Best Weding Gift Ever

Elsewhere, the above tabloid cover hints at a "secret girlfriend" for Bieber.

Add all this up and do you  get a definitive relationship? Of course not. But you might get a strong enough possibility for millions of women around the globe to hit the bottle tonight.

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caitlin is very sweet and kind,although i do not know her i can tell from all her and christians youtube videos,and her and justin make a very cute couple in my opinoion,so if u guys were really his fans then u wouldnt be talking trash about the girl he mite love cuz then ur not fans ur haters and no one likes a hater so if hes happy,shouldnt u be!so unless u know her u wont ever know ever lil detail about her to use against her,although if u did know her u would find urself dissapionted bcuz u would probly find no badness,so let them be happy! its therechoice not urs,all u can do is be a fan and support it or be a hater an deny it, i am a jb and cb fan all the way!! haha as long as he keeps making music im good:),and u should be to! LOVE LOVE LOVE


no, kayla, i dont think that really happened. i heard he got kicked out of majestic 10 and walmart but i think it was just a rumor things get around fast in vermont. if it really happened it would be on tv and everyone would know about it. i looked it up and i didnt find anything about him getting kicked out. i heard he was a jerk though and doesnt smile for the camera with fans


justin bieber came to Vermont and he knocked down things at walmart so he got kicked out. my friend met him and he was being really rude he wouldn't even smile for
the camera! he seems so sweet and down to earth in his interviews.. why is he so rude to people in Vermont? I just don't get it.


caitlin is really pretty but he's not only dating her because of her looks I'm sure she has a great personality! I'm so jealous cause myself am a huge justin bieber fan. I would never say I hate her or wish death upon her- all those girls who say that don't deserve justin yah crazy people haha he loves nice girls so be nice!


Actually He's Dating Selena Gomez. Don't belive me? Find his real Facebook not his fan facebook and you will see.


if they are dating then i am happy for them and i no that they are amazing people. i dont think of justin as a HOT guy that can sing i think of him as a hardworking,outgoing,funny guy who has a great personalaty and i think he deserves a chance to find true love. 8)


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let it go,if justin is dating caitlin great if he isnt who cares they were a great couple and if you think that justin bieber is the guy of your dreames thats cool but there are tons of girls who think that too! im sure that there is some other guy out there somewere you will find true love i promise but justin is always there for his fans no matter whatand he tries so hard to make you feel great when he sings to you but i think he needs a break i mean he has been travening all ver the world for you guys just cut him some slack.


ok so of course ppl are gonna hate caitlin for goin out with justin (if they ever do again). but ppl! as long as she treats him great and makes him happy, shouldnt you be happy? shouldnt you be happy for justin since maybe he found the girl for him? if your really his fans, you will be supportive and happy for him!!! he does so much for you guys!!! cant you see it?! he writes amazing songs for you, cares about you enough to if somethin bad was happening, he would stop a concert for your safety. yet your gonna bad mouth his pssible girfriend??? thats really low and immature. cant you just be happy that he's happy????? and i bet that if he ever read one of your bad mouthing messages, he'd robly be upset. and honestly,you wouldnt want that now would you???
xoxo Hannah


Justin and caitlin beadles are not dating...........They are just buds


He is not dating Catlin Beadles again!gosh!on facebook and twitter he says hes single and ready to mingle!so if those words mean im dating and im still mingling then that means hes a cheater.hes not a cheater!hes not dating anyone right now!

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