Bristol Palin-Levi Johnston Engagement Off; Briana Plum Facebook Pic to Blame!

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It looks like the second engagement of Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston is off, but that the rumor of him knocking up his ex-girlfriend is not the reason.

His flirting with another ex-girlfriend is!

Bristol, 19, called off engagement #2 to Levi, 20, last week following a huge fight over one of his ex-girlfriends - and we don't mean Lanesia Garcia.

Garcia was outed as Levi's possible second baby mama this week, but new reports say that the Playgirl model is not the father of her unborn child.

Luckily for our boy, he wasn't the one among the "three potential fathers" to have impregnated Lanesia during the probable week of conception.

But Bristol Palin still has beef with him - and Briana Plum.

  • Bristol Photograph
  • Levi Johnston Playgirl Picture

Levi Johnston apparently got naked a lot in between his two engagements to Bristol Palin, and we're not even talking about his Playgirl photo shoot for once.

"Lanesia and Levi have dated off and on over the past few years but he's not the father of that baby," says a source to E! Online. "Lanesia's other ex-boyfriend is the father. She's not the reason that [Bristol and Levi] broke it off."

That would be Levi's other ex, Briana: "There was an interview with her and Bristol wasn't happy about things she said. There was also some picture on Facebook of him and Briana and Bristol just said, ‘Let's hold off on the engagement.'"

Neither Palin nor Johnston have confirmed this, but the parents of 19-month-old Tripp just got engaged again a few weeks ago, landing them on the cover of Us Weekly amid rumors of shopping a reality show featuring their young family.

Guess even a huge paycheck can't keep some fake relationships intact.

Can Bristol and Levi still make it work?


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i love levi s the levi s is best compny in world levi s know vary will obut feting and he will make a parfect garment for mans and womans


i love levi s the levi s is best compny in world levi s know vary will obut feting and he will make a parfect garment for mans and womans


I beileve in first love at sight because justin bieber told another teen girl on his chatroom fan web site that we never had sex and im liein about havin his baby inside my stomach like dude u never ever wore a . Condom or put one on so i have to be pregnant by u and only u.


Bristol is young and stupid. What's her mother's excuse?


These are young stupid kids and a big cluster f**k! Leave them to their little yah-yah game. It goes on everywhere with all
silly little teenagers going into young 20's. One day they will wish they hadn't acted so stupid and will be ashamed---mainly for
their child. Grow up, the sooner the better.


Bristol and Levi please go to counseling.You are both so young and Bristol you are acting so immature.This is why young people should use protection when having sex Life isn't perfect and it takes a lot of hard work.You have a son and he deserves two parents who can come together wirth him and be a real family.Grow up and counseling will hwlp!


Bristol overlooks the reality, and believes in the fairy tale of her on again-off again questionable relationship with this guy her first (true)love. She has not given up on him. Levi is a classic example of boys behaving badly, and the women who love them.Bristol has no street smarts when it comes to kicking *Mr. Undependable to the curb,and letting him stay there.


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They are just too young. Well, he is and so not into monogamy. I believe Bristol loves him and wants it to work, but this punk can't keep his pants zipped.