Breaking News: Angelina Jolie Steals Brad Pitt From Jennifer Aniston!

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It's apparently Turn Back the Clock week over at Us Magazine.

We realize that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's divorce was seen, and is still noted to be, one of the most scandalous, shocking celebrity breakups in recent history.

But we'll let you in on a tip, Us: They split in January 2005.

Pitt's affair and subsequent partnership with Angelina Jolie continue to fascinate for obvious reasons, but really guys? We're revisiting his original split with Jen?

At least Star can think up new Brangelina breakups, secret Brennifer hookups, Angie mind games and Jen loneliness in a bid to keep the love triangle current.

This, however, is basically a five-year-old cover story ...

How She Stole Him!

Finally, the truth! Knock us over with a feather!

Yes, we realize the publication cites a new tell-all book about the celebrities and some supposedly new revelations as its reason for dredging this back up again.

What would a new tell-all possibly have to offer, though, and how would we assume any part of it is actually true? Is there no other celebrity gossip out there?

Come on, Us. Jen's dating a new guy now, and he's still married to his ex-wife! Surely there's an adultery / love child story you can fabricate from that, right?


@sandy your little comment is exactly why this crap still happens. Angie and Brad share a life together. She does not have to try and do anything. Just because women like you stare at every picture and video trying to find some drama is just the reason Aniston is seen as the loser. And for Jennifer to consider wanting Brad it would mean that he has to ask.. and after almost 6 years and 6 kids. the man aint asking. So really stop all the sly back digs. I don't like Aniston..but I don't think this woman is sitting around waiting for a man that is not coming back. I actually have a bit more respect on that score then her fans that are still spreading stories of secret meeting and secret texting. NO honey the JP fans are not doing that. Take your own advice. Stop talking and looking at Angie and Brad.. I am quite sure they are not thinking or talking about Jennifer. They seem to have a full life. I hope Aniston does too.


This a old story we realize that you people will never let Jennifer Aniston alone,but look at the video of Brad and Angelina Jolie on the video it looks like she is trying to make it look like everything is rosey I hope it is then you people would let Jennifer alone. She does not want Brad back you people just can't let it alone.

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