Breaking News: Angelina Jolie Steals Brad Pitt From Jennifer Aniston!

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It's apparently Turn Back the Clock week over at Us Magazine.

We realize that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's divorce was seen, and is still noted to be, one of the most scandalous, shocking celebrity breakups in recent history.

But we'll let you in on a tip, Us: They split in January 2005.

Pitt's affair and subsequent partnership with Angelina Jolie continue to fascinate for obvious reasons, but really guys? We're revisiting his original split with Jen?

At least Star can think up new Brangelina breakups, secret Brennifer hookups, Angie mind games and Jen loneliness in a bid to keep the love triangle current.

This, however, is basically a five-year-old cover story ...

How She Stole Him!

Finally, the truth! Knock us over with a feather!

Yes, we realize the publication cites a new tell-all book about the celebrities and some supposedly new revelations as its reason for dredging this back up again.

What would a new tell-all possibly have to offer, though, and how would we assume any part of it is actually true? Is there no other celebrity gossip out there?

Come on, Us. Jen's dating a new guy now, and he's still married to his ex-wife! Surely there's an adultery / love child story you can fabricate from that, right?


Please, please Jen quit crying out for Brad. Brad has moved way past on. What is it about you that you can find another MAN. Look for a woman and make yourself happy. Us mag, please help Jen in the women's department.


I am a 75 yr. old female,who ia very fond of Angelina and Brad and they're interesting and happy life. I really am sick of Jennifer hanging on to some dream of Brad and whinning around. I never have thought much of her talent. She just makes a bunch of chick flicks and nothing with substance. Beauty is as beauty does. Not only Angelina makes great flicks, but there is Julia Roberts, Charlise Theron, Elizabeth Taylor, and many others who have proven they aren't just pretty faces. I certainly hope that Brad and Anelina will re-make "Cleopatra" I was among fans of the Burton-Taylor era and nothing is more interesting than true love transformed into a beautiful movie. Jennifer, grow up and find a partner, have some kids and get om with your life.


The real story is what a freaking hypocrite whiny MANiston is. Crying endlessly about what Jolie did to her, but happily doping worse to Jo Gartin by stepping out with a married father of two young kids (one still a toddler). HYPROCRITE MUCH?


LMAO,Alex and Sandy need to put the hateraid down.BTW if Brad is such a cheater and loser(deep down you know this not to be true),why are you Jen hens still hung-up on him?The blog comments over the last 5 years don't lie.Heres my take on this,you Jen hens are pissed cause your dream of the Golden couple was shattered.Jen didn't birth those Brad clones you all so wanted. (Jolie did so happily) To make a long story short,you hags hate on Jolie for ruining Jens life.But what you fail to realize is,Jen and Brad would have been divorced even IF Jolie was not in the picture.Jolie did NOT steal Brad,he left of free will.The tabloid media and Hack writers see a market in you sad hags.They will milk this BS until you heifers wake-up and close your wallets.Alex and Sandy just proved you Jen hens are delusional as ever.


And....Alex, who said that Jennifer F*u*cking Aniston has a F*u*cking choice to take Brad F*u*cking Pitt back at the first place? AS. IF.


Waw, 6 years and 6 kids after, we are still on this? Ok, US, chanting with me "I'm not Jennifer Aniston!!!" "My husband is not Brad F*u*cking Pitt!!!" "Angelina Jolie is not whom he dumped me for!!!" One more time, shall we?


Jennifer Aniston is so over Brad Pitt and this since a very long time. Why should she take back a cheater and looser? But the Yellow press can't let her alone and to all of the stories about her - lies about lies - they bring Brangelina into play, because this is the way how to make money. Jolie fans are not better.


Slow news day??


Sandy...Do you want some cheese with your whine?Jen's fans are the one keeping this CRAP going,and that is the truth!Who is the one buying/believing each and EVERY tabloid lie ?Jen's fan base.I still laugh about reading comments on certain blogs with her delusional fan base creaming in their panties about a Jolie/Pitt break-up/Jen Brad reunion.It has been damn near 6 years and you nut cases will NOT let it go.I have a newsflash for you Sandy,Jen doesn't have to want Brad back.He hasn't wanted her for the last 6 years.And as far as "leaving Jen alone" don't make me vomit.This woman has been coddled by the media for years.She has become the patron saint of "Dumped Women" everywhere LOL.I will say this,hats off to Angelina/Brad for living their life since they have gotten together.And Jen?Still stuck in 2005 thanks to her fans who can't let go of a 5 year divorce,LOL.


Thanks!! Lets rehash these wonderful times!!! Find a new topic PLEASE!!!

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