Book Her: Lindsay Lohan Jailed!

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Lindsay Lohan is going to jail.

The troubled star surrendered in court this morning to begin serving a three-month sentence for violating the probation terms of her 2007 DUI conviction.

In reality, Lindsay may spend only about three weeks behind bars, due to the overcrowding of the facility she's headed to. Assuming she behaves herself.

Judge Marsha Revel did not allow the media to capture the exact moment of Linds' surrender (good for her, bad for us), before ordering her into custody.

"At this time, she will be remanded," the judge said as Lohan was about to be cuffed, adding "All cameras are ordered to be shut off, both still and video."

Revel said Lohan would not be eligible for house arrest or work release. She will also be required to report to probation within 24 hours of her release.

Lohan Jailed

Lindsay Lohan did not speak in court this morning.

After cameras were shut off, deputies took her away and removed her belongings as old/new lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley and her family looked on.

"I love you, Lindsay," said Michael Lohan, who unfortunately showed.

Lindsay will now begin processing at the Century Regional Detention Center in Lynwood, Calif., where she will spend her sentence, however long that is.

Processing entails fingerprinting, photographing (new mug shots!), cell assignment, ankle monitor removal and a wardrobe change (orange jumpsuit!!).

Back in 2007, Lohan spent just 84 minutes at this same facility. Not long enough, apparently, to change her destructive behavior in any discernible way.

Here's hoping a few weeks or more does the trick this time around. What will be the biggest obstacle for her, no Twitter, no friends or no cigarettes?

We'll find out soon enough.


Maybe there is a God after all. These celeb/ brats need to get locked down and pay for their actions. Enough with the rich and famous getting away scot-free!


Could it be that maybe someone threw away the key? That would be a turn of events. I'm sick of seeing, hearing about and reading about this package of trouble.........I applaud the judge who sentenced her........she's a person, she doesn't behave like she appreciates all her talents, so take them away for a while. Like the full three months, not day short. I feel sorry for her, but just don't think she's gonna come out of this, I think she's just too far gone. Good parenting there Michael and did a bang up job on this one. OMG.


Who the hell does she think she is? Why does celebs alwz get all the fucking breaks??? She should get the same time like the rest of us would. All those butch in there should make her their bitch!!!


Judge has given rigth decision for this bitch...............


As soon as Lindsay gets out of the slammer,she needs to go back to being a redhead. Changing her hair color turned her into a totally different breed of cat.It is a sad thing that Michael Lohan had to show up with his celebrity attorney late at the courthouse,and even more sad that it was reported that her mom Dina was trying to cash in on Lindsay's plight by making the morning news rounds (for $50,000,00 per appearance).Hopefully, the time spent in the cooler will clear Lindsay's mind enough for her to be able to figure out who in her inner circle really mean her *well.


I give her a week...


Hopefully she fashions a crude shank and stages some sort of riot. That would make for a great story AND keep her in there a few more years.

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