Barbara Ross-Lee Denies MJ Love Child Rumor, Calls Mocienne Petit Jackson Delusional

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SHOCKER ALERT: Michael Jackson's alleged love child is not his actual daughter. She probably should've made up a fake mom for the purposes of her story.


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    no e entendido ni papa de lo q ponia pero mi opinion esq todo eso es mentira. xq lo de q tenga la misma enfermedad q mike eso no significa nada ay un monton de personas q lo tienen ademas no se parese a michael en nada y lo digo xq omer bhatti si se le parese un monton y si es hijo de mike bueno antes de nada q le agan la prueva de ADN pero mi opinion esq lo ase pa consegir dinero nada mas y eso de q katherine la madre de mike la secuestro para no aruinar la reputacion de el hijo mentira coxina ahora vereis q dentro de nada saldra otros mas disiendo q tambien son hijos de michael.


    How & why did this person target Diana Ross's sister of all people? And Diana's sister is claiming that she never even met Michael Jackson, that part is unbelievable. This person Mocienne looks terribly ugly, she needs some makeup, a whole lot of it and she needs her hair done. And if she's Michael's daughter she will need some plastic surgery too. But she's Black and so is Michael and Diana Ross's sister so I hope they do a dna test soon to settle this.


    So, Mocienne Petit Jackson was previously stalking Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee? Poor Dr. Ross-Lee. I'm sure this sudden public announcement of a love child produced by Michael Jackson and her was the icing on an already bad-tasting cake. She must be asking herself how she managed to become the target of Mocienne.

    Sorry Mocienne, but like Omer Bhatti, you are not Michael's biological child. In his will he said he had only three children, living or deceased. They are Prince, Paris, and Blanket. I don't think any of those names are yours.


    Being truly related to this out of touch young woman,has probably
    put her real family to shame just being acquainted with her. It is a terrible thing that Dr. Ross-Lee had to acknowledge this unknown in order to clear her name from being associated with her
    through MPJ's *Tall tales.


    k this ugly bitch has to stop sayin shes mjs daughter. mabe next time she says shes the daughter of some one else i think its going to be chubaca. i mean look at her, her nostrals look all cuby n mjs was pointy. she says she was has viltigo n she wants to keep mjs kids cuz she says shes goingto give them a normal life, sure..... ok once ur the kid of a famous person theres no way to stop. mpjs lips are SO thick again mjs is wide n thin. thank you very much.....

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