Attorney for Danielle Staub to Seek Assault Charges Against RHONJ Cast Members

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You've gotta love reality TV.

On Monday night, Bravo aired an epic fight between Danielle Staub and Teresa Giudice. It eventually resulted in Jacqueline Laurita’s 19-year-old daughter (Ashley Holmes) ripping out the former's weave.

This confrontation actually took place in November, however, as it was documented at the time and Holmes was forced by the court to pay a $189 fine. Case closed, right?

Wrong says Staub's lawyer, Paul Giblin. Speaking to Hollywood Life, he said of the incident:  “We are going to use this footage and prepare a case against these women. We are seeking assault and battery charges, defamation of character and punitive damages as well.”

Don't You Ever!

First, we'll need a few minutes to stop laughing over the concept that anything could defame Staub at this point. Pretty sure her arrest record and sex tape have done that on their own already.

Second, any case Staub and her lawyer wished to have brought against her castmates would have been filed months ago. This incident is old news. It was simply shown to the world this week, on a series for which Staub makes hundreds of thousands of dollars to appear.

This makes Giblin's concluding comments positivelty hilarious:

“We will get restraining orders by the judge against Teresa, Ashley and all others involved... We are going to ask to impose sanctions against these women, whatever the law allows... This is some kind of conspiracy, it’s like a gang mentality.”

If Giblin is referring to the gang of Bravo writers that came up with this storyline, then he's absolutely correct.

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I have some questions: 1. Why was the ex-con Danny in prison?
2. Why would you let thugs like those around your very young & attractive daughters?
3. What remotely sane person would accompany Danielle anywhere while she is 'protected' by ex-cons, Hell's Angels, & other assorted trash? An old adage says, 'You are known by the company you keep'.


Thank you, Todd Noaker, I was just thinking that and wondering how can all these people can just pick on one woman as if she is the evil one, or anything for that matter when all of her past coming out was done by Caroline Manzo, so for everyone to think this lady is the one who started everything is the crazy ones. Anyway, I truly hope that she does get to press charges on the ladies and the little brat because if it was someone else who is not on TV believe me they will go straight to jail, but then again I see lots of shit go down that are not right sometimes they do get away with it, how sad is that. Anyway, thanks again Todd Noaker. Peace


This is the saddest excuse for a female, she hates the word no, so sets out to get them for the ignoring the other women are doing. She is getting air time and saying it is for ratings. I figure the daughters have a father who is in on their upbringing and loves them. I don't think Dirty D is with her daughters 100%, because Dirty D spends alot of time plotting out her next move. Men & Boys have to be pretty desperate to plug that woman, and certainly wouldn't want others to know they did. For her attorney, Dirty D doesn't have much money, to go to court this often is gonna drain her bank. NJ will certainly get mad at their hard earned money to pay for her BS ! Besides getting a no contact order means she can't film with them. So maybe she can be fired then. I know I ain't watching next season's rhonj it is sad, sick and wasteful.


If you have to get advice from your underage children, there is something seriously wrong with you. Why does she always act like the victim? She brings all her drama to her girls, she takes credit where credit isn't due. She uses people, her own daughters for her fame. She makes me sick anytime she is shown or makes a comment. She is the one who is acting like a crazy person without her medication!!!


Danielle is just simply crazy.... Seriously, she actually believes her own lies of the whole world wanting to get her. She needs to leave those families alone and mind her own business. I think she should leave the show. She just loves the attention.


Seriously, Danielle needs help. What Ashley did was wrong. She says she did it because she thought Danielle hit her mom. I'm sure she thought she was defending her mom, but that is still no reason or excuse to do what she did.
That being said, Danielle needs kicked off this show. I don't watch to see what she'll do next, I watch because I like the other ladies. If Danielle brings the ladies up on charges, I do believe this will ruin the show. Who would want to be on this show, if what is filmed will then be used so one sad person can use it in court. If Danielle is "a lady" like she always says she is, she will learn what that means. Maybe Sharon Osborne can enroll her into her Charm School. She makes Brett Michaels Rock of Love girls look like angels.


I am not on anyone's side just a viewer and any reasonable person that does not want to be around someone they despise simply avoids them like the plague! Watching this episode I believe that this woman was attacked you should never put your hand on anyone this includes hair pulling. I have had my hair pulled and it hurts! This woman was walking out the other women waited to start something whatever it turned into they started it.
It is apparent that when the word "Foreclosure" was mentioned this woman went crazy and if they wouldn't have held her back she would have attacked!!! All you viewer's out there no matter how much you hate someone you can't do what these women classy women
hold back and don't reduce themselves to this behavior! I would sue too!! and so would you!


Doesn't he mean "These Woman" LOL Danielle is an idiot!!!


This woman needs medication. She's so obsessed with those families! Obviously some people here missed the episode where she was going to drive to Caroline's party to confront people. Her daughters even told her she was acting like a "stalker" and had to talk her out of it. Is that normal behavior? Especially in front of your own children? Um, no it's not! And as for her "sex tapes" that her ex-boyfriend leaked to the media, those were private videos she made of her herself on her cell phone. He wasn't even there. She has several, obvious disorders and seriously should get some professional help.


This woman is a psychopath and shame on BRAVO for letting her bring her sickness out in the open. She is a narcissist, and a despicable human being. And for those of you pointing to how well her daughters behave, you shouldn't be surprised. They have to be the adult in the relationship and have no choice but to grow up, and that they did.