Alex Beh: Jennifer Love Hewitt's Latest Conquest

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You'll never believe this, but Jennifer Love Hewitt has found another man.

The perpetual girlfriend is dating actor/director Alex Beh, Us Weekly reports, as sources say "she's so into him" and was holding his hand throughout dinner at Katsuya on July 18.

Over just the last few years, Hewitt has dated Carson Daly, John Mayer, John Asher, Ross McCall and Jamie Kennedy. As her career has floundered, she's become more and more obnoxious with each of these boyfriends in public.

In other words: expect JLH and Beh to be licking each other in public any day now.

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Ditto TheRebal84----Get a reaaaaaaaaaaaaal man!
And....There's a list for you Eddie ex-Miami. Wouln't look good to move into the men's homeless shelter---but LeAn fought hard for u..but if that fails or u get tired; there's a whole list
of women who play musical houseboys here w/manless Anniston on top. Her pocketbook is full like LeAn's....probably can't sing
though. Halle needs to let her hair grow out to be more appealing.


that's an odd name "BEH"


To: TheRebal84
You wouldn't know a "real man" if he ran you over with his corvette. How about a nice big steaming cup of STFU?


Maybe she has low self-esteem like Jessica S. and Brittney S.. They are gorgeous girls but keep dating these douche bags and wonder why they are still single???!!! Maybe find someone normal-not in the spot light would be a great start!!


sorry, i forgot to add jessica simpson also.


this one will fail like the other ones in a year or 2. her,aniston,halle & even j-lo[who i believe will be divorced in a couple years] just can't have a long term committement for whatever reason.


Why the hell does she keep picking the dorks....Dammmmmmmmm girl get a real man~~