Album Sales Plummet for Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus has been tamed again.

After an incredibly disappointing opening week of sales for "Can't Be Tamed," fans of this young singer said to wait. It's just been a few days, they cried! Give the album time!

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A week later, though, the compilation is barely holding a place in the Billboard 200's top 10. With Eminem's "Recovery" still holding strong at number-one (with 313,000 copies sold), Miley's CD fell six places to number-nine, selling just 32,000 copies.

That's an astounding 68% drop-off from last week.

By comparison, Miley's 2008 "Breakout" sold 1.5 million copies and was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. There's very little chance "Can't Be Tamed" will achieve half that level of success.

Does this mean Miley has lost a significant amount of her fan base? There's no other way to see it. Numbers speak for themselves.

Perhaps she should go to college, after all. They have marketing classes there.


Well , I'm not a fan of Miley anymore since 2 yrs . But I think her new album " can't be tamed " isn't that good . The only songs I like on that album is " Can't be Tamed " & " Stay " . Other than that , all her songs in the album sound the same , & the melodies are horrible . The lyrics make no sense , & the cover of her c.d. looks like Britney Spears ( The young version ) . I'm not trying to judge Miley b.c. she is a good singer & all , but she needs to STOP trying to change so quickly b.c. she's just being a poser . Of course parents wouldn't want their children to buy a c.d. with a girl half naked on her album cover . I mean , get real Miley fans , Miley has changed , and if this is how she wants to be and act like , let it be . Because she's gonna end up in the dumps just like Lindsay Lohan , Britney Spears , & all those other singers & such that messed up their careers over publicity .


I'm a Miley fan and i am really disappointed that her album has done so bad, it has some good songs. Maybe this will be the wake up call she needs, she has lost many fans because of her new image. In my opinion her new look is to provocative for me. She is defiantly not the same. How sad :(


I bought her album...and actually liked it.
It just what your in to.
@hollywood - do you like it?
peace out!


TO GRANDMA flowers8344: I am 30 and HATE HER!!! So great that all your peeps(do you know what that is???) love her doesn't mean the rest of us do! And I do know the facts about her and STILL DON'T LIKE HER!! Thanks for nothing!! Now don't break a hip!!


The reason she isn't getting sales is because of the messages she is sending. I wouldn't want to get her album, that's for sure. I mean, yeah, she is a good singer and all, good voice, but she has just got to......wild, I guess. She is suposed to be a role model for younger children, I mean, she doesn't have to, if she doesn't want to, but it should come. The old Miley was way better. Kids everywhere used to try and be like her, and sing all of her songs. Now, if they try and be like her, they would get a unsure face from pole dancing by their parents. You know what I mean?


For all u miley fans its cool 2 support her n all but u got 2 understand WHY her album didnt sell as many. Take a look at the "NEW" miley...she's kinda look britney when she started out...which isnt good ppl dnt buy it because noone wants 2 support this miley 2.O because shes setting such a horrible message for kids...when she crashes n burns because thats where shes headed she going 2 have no fans because reality is noone wants 2 support miley wen reality is she let fame get the best of her.


to all of you Miley haters, you should shut your mouth and go to school instead of making nasty comments the you can barely spell...I am a 61 year old grandma and my friends and I, and our kids and grand kids love Miley and her music and they are in their 20-30 years of age. so before you guys open and start putting her down gather you facts. You people who think you are old enough wake up, because when you go to sch. they are lots of kids who dress worst than Miley some have nice body and some looks like sardines. I look good for my age and i love short. so before you critized someone , check your self in the mirror.


i agree with trythinking1956. her fans are little freakin kids. xP & even if she's trying to grow up, you don't have to do it in this way. by dressing slutty. i see her as the next lindsey lohan. xD her career's over. she's old news. so move on.


The only song I like on Miley's new album is Can't Be Tamed.


Her album is selling just not that amount they projected. Honestly, I never cared for her, but understand why some tweens liked her...but now she went all slutty thus her highest following is dwindling (tweens have the most money to spend on DVDs, downloads, etc). Her voice just doesn't cut it and there are many talented singers, actresses, tv stars out there...


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