Album Sales Plummet for Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus has been tamed again.

After an incredibly disappointing opening week of sales for "Can't Be Tamed," fans of this young singer said to wait. It's just been a few days, they cried! Give the album time!

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A week later, though, the compilation is barely holding a place in the Billboard 200's top 10. With Eminem's "Recovery" still holding strong at number-one (with 313,000 copies sold), Miley's CD fell six places to number-nine, selling just 32,000 copies.

That's an astounding 68% drop-off from last week.

By comparison, Miley's 2008 "Breakout" sold 1.5 million copies and was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. There's very little chance "Can't Be Tamed" will achieve half that level of success.

Does this mean Miley has lost a significant amount of her fan base? There's no other way to see it. Numbers speak for themselves.

Perhaps she should go to college, after all. They have marketing classes there.


Good God people get a life. If Miley changed yours,that is a very sad commentary on your life. She is a Hollywood product produced to rake in 'getzillions' of bucks and they dont care what happens to her along the way.It's all about the money. This kid's fan base was 'tweens' whose parents will now NOT support their kid's "Hannah Montana" habit now that she has turned skanky. If Miley really wants to have a long standing career as a singer,she needs to back and learn HOW to sing. Maybe back to her country roots and try again. She is not a pop star or a rocker chick.
This nonsense she puts out there is just crap.


I guess the "whore" look and act isn't working too well for Miley "can't be tamed" Cyrus. She'll just have to suffer with the millions she made from her "good girl" Hannah Montana phase. Miley didn't realize that the whore/singer game is quite full - see Lady Gaga, Madonna, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Christina Agulera, etc. Maybe she should change the name of her album to; "can't sell the new look"


her album is perfect, get it!
i love all the songs & i gotta agree with Mileyalltheway.
Miley is SO talented, and such an amazing singer .
there must be something wrong with people who think that she cant sing.
shes not Hannah Montana anymore, she can do what she want & i really like her new style, i think its incredible .
and Miley is Gods gift to me . ♥
she changed my life x


@Ellen: You know I Love-It,E'! The song 'who owns my heart','scars','two more lonely people' and my fav's---'Liberty Walk' and the newly revamped cover of 'Every Rose'---Rock's Me Right Off The WALL! I think she did a great job. I'm just slowly losing interest in all of the idiot-haters and their comments. The stupidity levels of nothing but bitterness are reaching some all-time-Highs,in this cess-pit. What a shame...I did like your comment though. Thanks! Later,E'; Hollywood---out...


when is she gonna get boobs?


well, here it is.
miley likes edgy, but edgy obviously doesnt like miley backk.
her face and stomach dont match, plus it looks photoshopped.
that lip ring is repulsive, and she looks like she just woke up from a one night stand.
thats quite unfortunate.
if she really wanted people to focus on her music, she'd dress less provacatively.
that whole thing is bullshit.
she could be semi-pretty if she would straighten out a little, and take some pride in herselfff.


Other people may not like the album, but I love it and I like the new Miley. She's just trying something new. After this album she'll be taking a break from music for a while to focus on acting. I like the confident, defiant, more talented Miley better than the sweet, innocent, submissive Disney Image of Miley.


Of course she losing fans. Her fans before were little girls living at home spending allowance money, or having parents spend money, on Hannah Montana trinkets. Very few parents of those kids will approve of the new Miley (unless they want their tweens to look/act like little tramps). She obviously appeals to some older (15-18 yo) girls, but it's a small audience. Older people (with any sense) see she's just a teen age kid breaking loose - it's boring because we see it everyday. This is not a phase for Miley - it's her real self (seeking attention) coming out - it won't last because it's been seen too many times before.


now...many people are beginning to hate you ... you just don't think your fans will only care about your talent, but you also should know that your fans really2 care about your attitude, clothing, speech, behavior ... you are the influential artists and should be a good example .. . So be a brilliant artist and a complete package!you still look like raw youth that can't think with a maturity ...yeah...your development as a development of Illuminati


I guess she really has lost most of her fans... Its kinda sad though that people will keep coming up with excuses for her. She has lost fans period, people have been buying from itunes since God knows when, people have been illegally downloading since God knows when, so why would the effect only show now??? Miley has lost fans because her change has been really dramatic and of course the tabloids have caused that too, she changed in a way that didnt warrant her as many fans as before, maybe if she had changed to suit a larger group of fans for example she said she wants to reach out to an older group then she shouldnt be dressing that way coz it does send out a message... and truly speaking 22-26 year olds dont really wanna see a 17 year old dressed like that even if her music was really good. And personally l dont think 138 000 copies is good, considering her past records... its like a slap in the face.. but then again does she really care?? She s already rich!!


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