Album Sales Plummet for Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus has been tamed again.

After an incredibly disappointing opening week of sales for "Can't Be Tamed," fans of this young singer said to wait. It's just been a few days, they cried! Give the album time!

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A week later, though, the compilation is barely holding a place in the Billboard 200's top 10. With Eminem's "Recovery" still holding strong at number-one (with 313,000 copies sold), Miley's CD fell six places to number-nine, selling just 32,000 copies.

That's an astounding 68% drop-off from last week.

By comparison, Miley's 2008 "Breakout" sold 1.5 million copies and was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. There's very little chance "Can't Be Tamed" will achieve half that level of success.

Does this mean Miley has lost a significant amount of her fan base? There's no other way to see it. Numbers speak for themselves.

Perhaps she should go to college, after all. They have marketing classes there.


well maybe its cuz she's dressed like that!


@Hollywood - Sadly I dont think it will be streamed on internet, but I am getting my friend to record it so i'll upload it to youtube.
Oh and I know rhythm and lead. :)
Well I loveeee my acoustic guitar. It is a CORT steelstring. It sounds just beautiful.
It is an amazing feeling performing live. It grasped all your emotions and makes you feel invincible.


@Ellen: You know 'Every Rose' on guitar? Rhythm,Lead,or both?? Either way,I'd like to hear it,and/or possibly see-it. Is there some way to catch the music festival you play at on the internet,or TV,or---something like that?? And another random question: What type of guitar do you play? In my opinion,nothing 'shred's like a BC-Rich! But,to each their own...You know,being a vocalist from way-back one of my main motto's is: "Live Music is---Better!" So I think that's really cool what you're doing. Doing music in front of a Live audience,is one of THE most AWESOME feelings in the Whole World,hear? Let me know something,okay? Later,E'!;Hollywood---Out...


@Hollywood - he album is great! I love every rose has its thorn. I learnt it on guitar and its sounding great. I am going to perform it at this music festival I am playing at...:) I also like most of the songs. The haters will always hate. Posting statements why they are wrong will only get cheap replies. They will never like her.
its sad. I love the deluxe dvd though, its great.


The numbers speak for themselves-and I agree with randyjacksonsbutt-acting provocative DOESN'T make you an adult, it doesn't make you mature and it doesn't gain you respect. Because acting too provocative only shows that you have no respect for yourself. And if you have no respect for yourself, how do you expect to gain any from your peers or society?


Oh and mileyalltheway, YOU'RE 16! You shouldn't even be saying words like "fucking". What's wrong with your parents? Or maybe they just don't care?


61 year old granny, uh, maybe you'd better go back to school, your grammar is atrocious. And to the 16 year old, 9-16, that's her fan base, so you are no different than the 9 year olds. STFU, she blows dead dogs...


Stan, his name is eMiNeM, not enimen, duh..... And being "Stan", you should know that, cuz you're Stan, his biggest fan...




i saw her on an interview and i give her a break for being young and not realizing that you are not entitled to success just because you had some success previously. her disney show and persona appealed to a certain demographic but she doesn't own those fans and can't take them with her everywhere she might go in life. she has to understand that she is basically starting all over with no right to anything. i think she might have a good career as an actress ahead of her. i am wishing her well. the problem with this new look is that she doesn't look good. she just doesn't seem very sexy at all so it's not working for her and she can't force people into feeling otherwise.


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