Album Sales Plummet for Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus has been tamed again.

After an incredibly disappointing opening week of sales for "Can't Be Tamed," fans of this young singer said to wait. It's just been a few days, they cried! Give the album time!

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A week later, though, the compilation is barely holding a place in the Billboard 200's top 10. With Eminem's "Recovery" still holding strong at number-one (with 313,000 copies sold), Miley's CD fell six places to number-nine, selling just 32,000 copies.

That's an astounding 68% drop-off from last week.

By comparison, Miley's 2008 "Breakout" sold 1.5 million copies and was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. There's very little chance "Can't Be Tamed" will achieve half that level of success.

Does this mean Miley has lost a significant amount of her fan base? There's no other way to see it. Numbers speak for themselves.

Perhaps she should go to college, after all. They have marketing classes there.


Although this is old, you people are ridiculous for bashing and for defending Miley. She is a 17 year old girl who happens to be famous; and yet, people seem to take time out of their lives to focus on somebody else's. It's annoying. Shut up. Personally, I love her show and her music, but I do not approve of the route she is taking, therefore, I don't particularly like her. However, it doesn't matter, does it? She is going to do what she WANTS and what her bosses want. Now why don't y'all make yourself useful and go vote on propositions rather than discuss the "sluttyness" of a mere teen.

@ lola

If only more people were as mature as you. SIGH you have made one of my fav comments. You friend are mature.


Well she's a talentless hack, what more do we expect.


She's gone tramp bezerk! Where are the parents????


haha that's wat the little bitchy slut gets 4 bein "mature"


@nata: 32,000 was in the few days following the CD's first release. When it first dropped,it sold 106,000. If you check,you'll see that it's sold even more copies than the 138,000 now. Thanks for the inquiry. It's nice to see someone who shows an interest in Miley that isn't hating on her,here. If there's anything else I can help you with---don't hesitate to ask,Ok? Later; Hollywood---out...


Did she just sell 32,000 since the release of her album or last week? And when was her album released?


she is pathetic.. trying so hard instead of just being herself.


@hollywood: I've gone through a lot of these articles and I've come across a lot of your comments, and sadly for you, your everything you think your not. Maturity is something most people never fully reach even when they are of age to be. Your obviously a Miley fan which unfortunately renders a lot of your statements useless, since you are biased. Once you understand what it means to not be, then chances are you and your comments will finally show that inner growth and understanding you seem to think you have.


@Blaize: I don't feel you know what it means to be confident, and some one who really is, has no reason to be defiant.


@Ellen: Rhythym and Lead---Nice! And,I'll bet the Cort does sound beautiful. Thanks for the Info' and I'll be looking for it. What will it be under on youtube? And When?? And---I see you've performed before,'cause---that's how it makes me feel too! Lol! I'm constantly workin' gig's at private parties during the summer,and MAN---there's Nothing like it,is there?! I will get to take a break on my Birthday(the 21st)in a few days,but,if history proves correct---My current crew will probably not let me rest after they've had a few,and---they'll pull me up on stage...You know what they say; "No rest for the Wicked." LOL! Sometimes I think that phrase was invented just for me,Ha,ha! Have Fun Ellen---That's what it's all about! Later,E'; Hollywood...


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