A Royal Mess: Prince William Cheated on Kate Middleton!

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Forget the Royal Wedding of the Century.

We may be looking at an all-time royal mess.

Despite engagement rumors floating over her head, Kate Middleton is reportedly considering an end to her relationship with Prince William. The reason? A four-year old photo that proves he cheated on her with British singer Natasha Hamilton.

It's unclear why this picture, which was published in tabloids at the time, is causing a stir now - but insiders say it's due to Kate's realization that William has been "disrespectful" to her for a long time, and will continue to be even if they get married.

"Kate is now being warned by royal courtiers that she must be prepared for William to follow in his philandering father's footsteps and take a mistress," a source told The National Enquirer.


The tabloid even quotes one of the Queen's advisors, who allegedly said to Middleton:

"It won't be IF he does, my dear. It will be WHEN he does - and then you must simply turn a blind eye."

Kate felt "physically ill" at this possibility, the source reports, causing her to rethink the wedding. We have no idea why. According to Mel Gibson, a woman's place is on her knees, not on some high horse.

Give William a break, girlfriend!


I don't want to get married enough for someone to cheat on me.
Cheat-------------I'm gone. Who wants a cheater and a liar?
Go find a really happy life. It's YOUR life---your choice.


Awake Now Cate you have time! And finally William stop all thinks that makes u unhappy.......and live your life as you like.


Kate, he will never be faithful to you because people in his family make excuses for his bad behavior. Until someone calls him on it, nothing will change. Why do you want to marry into that hot mess!!! What you should do depends on your motives. If you desire long term committed love, I say walk out on this one because it is PAINFULLY obvious that he sees nothing wrong with whats going on. If you just desire a crown then best wishes.


KATE LEAVE HIM...run away...far away like, to another country..join karate...and kick some arse. and prove you're not someone to be pushed around... tell him to go eat it!!!!!! That's what I'm talkin' bout girl power!!!! Who cheats on kate??? I mean come on people!!!!!!


hang in there kate...


prince william u fierd how can u cheat with kate


men of royalty have ALWAYS been unfaithful. why should anyone be upset with whats happening, people like them don't get married for love they get married for bisness, something just don't change


Who cares...............Funny thing, he knows what happens, seeing what his own parents went through. But then again, SOME men cant think with the head on their shoulders. As for the Mel Gibson remark in this article, THAT mess is so fake.....They are both idiots.


So hard to believe he would be unfaithful knowing the unhappiness it caused his mother. However, some men only think at the moment, not at the tomorrrow.

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