A Royal Mess: Prince William Cheated on Kate Middleton!

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Forget the Royal Wedding of the Century.

We may be looking at an all-time royal mess.

Despite engagement rumors floating over her head, Kate Middleton is reportedly considering an end to her relationship with Prince William. The reason? A four-year old photo that proves he cheated on her with British singer Natasha Hamilton.

It's unclear why this picture, which was published in tabloids at the time, is causing a stir now - but insiders say it's due to Kate's realization that William has been "disrespectful" to her for a long time, and will continue to be even if they get married.

"Kate is now being warned by royal courtiers that she must be prepared for William to follow in his philandering father's footsteps and take a mistress," a source told The National Enquirer.


The tabloid even quotes one of the Queen's advisors, who allegedly said to Middleton:

"It won't be IF he does, my dear. It will be WHEN he does - and then you must simply turn a blind eye."

Kate felt "physically ill" at this possibility, the source reports, causing her to rethink the wedding. We have no idea why. According to Mel Gibson, a woman's place is on her knees, not on some high horse.

Give William a break, girlfriend!

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Is there 1 man in this world who can be faithful to a woman??!! Oh Gosh!! Well I guess They are all the same... But why get married??!


He's being disrespectful, but presumably he's thinks he too important to be faithful. He's surrounded by licketyspits who will go along with that.


This is the news I was looking for!


Natasha should have married Prince William. Just because he wants to have sex with a talented woman from a modern English band does not mean he doesn't love Kate. I am even surprised that a woman like Natasha didn't get married to Prince William since she is very loveable. The media is stupid, people are stupid.


What the hell is wrong with the Prince kissing a modern sexy singer, who used to be part of a band which wasn't very good in the first place? People need to understand, that just because you have an affair with someone else, doesn't mean that you are cheating. Love isn't sex. Prince obviously loved Kate, but was fascinated over a sexy singer, who isn't supposed to be sexy because she was controlled by the damn media and posed by her stupid band Atomic Kitten. Shes a musical genius, really. She writes her own songs, she produces her own music, she is an amazing singer. She is also very beautiful. I honestly think that the price should have gotten married to Natasha Hamilton. At least I would be proud of my favourite singer. Riad Erraji is a stupid husband, who has no fame, no talent and doesn't deserve to be married to this woman. She should divoice him.


Kate all men a cheaters its in their blood. I say go ahead and marry him as long as he treats well. Congrats.


Come on people. Don't just blame Charles. Remember that Diana also had affairs, and with more than one. At least Charles had only one attraction.
So don't just knock the men.


This picture looks like it was photoshoped...not to say that he isn't or wasn't cheating but maybe not this ONE time!!


YOU ARE ALL SO STUPID! Does that picture actually look like they are having a good old snog? you twats its clearly been manipulated - he and Natasha are clearly either pecking on the cheek or probably no where near each other. I can not actually believe people buy in to this shit.


Kate..leave him now and never to reconcile...This will go on with the Royals...all branded...UNFAITHFUL...