90210 Reaches New Low, Plans to Out Gay Character Next Season

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We didn't think it was possible for a show to be more contrived than The Hills, but 90210 is out to prove us wrong.

Heading into its third season, this modest CW hit is desperate for ratings. Failing to generate headlines for its cast's beauty/personal lives (a la Gossip Girl), or for its quality acting/suspenseful storylines (a la The Vampire Diaries), 90210 is making a last-ditch effort for relevancy.

By turning a male character gay.

Indeed, producer Jennie Urman confirms that either Navid, Liam or Teddy will come out of the closet on season three. With a straight face, she actually told Entertainment Weekly:

“We want to address the issue in a real and relatable way."

If that were actually the case, of course, the show would have built to this in an intelligent, logical, mature manner.

But this is the same series that pathetically made a female character experiment with lesbianism last season, making out with another girl a few times during Sweeps month and then simply ditching that storyline. All three characters cited above have been prominently involved with the opposite sex. There's no chance whatsoever the show actually planned this out ahead of time.

It can pretend as if it's dealing with real teenage issues here, but the truth is that 90210 is just exploiting homosexuality and using it to seem edgy.

That puts it in the same category as Danielle Staub - and that's the last category anyone should ever want to be in.


The original 90210 was the best!! No wonder this one is tanking, it does not compare!!


The world needs more gay characters in the various shows. Just as it back in the 50s needed more black characters. This is how you break the evil of homophobic churches and send the devils behind them to a well deserved hell Jesus said din his 2nd of only two commsndments that we are to love thy neighbor as thyself. But some variants of christianity and other religions as well must make HIM weep for the terrible things done in His name


My vote is for the blonde 35 year old high school student. Why is this show still on?


@Robert: The article says 90210 is hitting a "new low" for exploiting a real issue such as homosexuality.
Did you even try to read it? Or is font smaller than a headline too difficult for you?


The real low is reached by this column, which is biasedly associating homosexuality with "new low." Of course, this is just a gossip column, should we expect better?


@bbk: The same 90210 boss that said Annie's hit-and-run storyline would be resolved on the season finale? Good point. How can I not have faith in her incredibly forward-looking writing style?
She must be saving A LOT of gems for season three, considering the first two seasons have easily been the most boring in primetime soap opera history.


@Javier: You seem to not grasp what I wrote. I was making that exact point: homosexuality and bisexuality is a real issue, it's not one for a show to exploit for the sake of ratings.
I'm guessing you don't watch 90210. If you did, you'd understand that it makes ZERO storyline sense for any of these characters to be gay - the show is just making that up in order to make headlines. I'm calling it out for such a pathetic, transparent decision.


Bisexuality is a significant reality for many teens, and adults. Many men who have dated women also date men. You seem to not grasp reality.