Who Wants to Date Justin Bieber?

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Over the last few weeks, Justin Bieber has jokingly come on to Kim Kardashian, Cheryl Cole and Megan Fox.

But what kind of girl is the singer actually in the market for? Read closely, ladies, as Bieber revealed the traits that give him love fever in a recent interview.

"She needs to have a nice personality, a good sense of humour, nice eyes and a brain," he said. "What's the point of having a nice looking girlfriend if you can't talk to her? You want to be able to sit down to dinner and be with someone who you can have a proper conversation with."

Sorry, Kim. That takes you out of the running.

We Have Bieber Fever

Are you a naturally beautiful, funny girl with nice eyes and a high IQ? Call Justin Bieber today!

Added Justin:

"I don't like girls who wear lots of make-up and you can't see their face. Some girls are beautiful but insecure and look much better without the make-up, but decide to put loads on."

Once again: very sorry, Kim.

Once Bieber has found a gal he wants to pursue, how does he work his game? The star shared:

"At first I won't let her know - you've got to pace yourself. Then, maybe by the end of the conversation, I'd ask her something like, 'Do you have a phone number that I could reach you at?' That's usually how it goes."

That sure beats the typical THG pick-up line: You show us yours, and we'll show you our... Robert Pattinson photos.


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