What the Heck is Miley Cyrus Talking About?!?

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Thank you, Miley Cyrus.

Over the last couple weeks, THG has gone to great lengths to explain why we're so disappointed in your decision to become just another cliched pop star who tries way too hard to be provocative and edgy.

We've also called you out on your ridiculous, pompous attitude. Honestly, writing about you so often can be downright exhausting! That's why we're so grateful for your absurd comments to Access Hollywood this week.

They're so laughable, they require almost no editorializing on our part. We can just print your own words and leave it to your brain-washed fans to somehow defend them.

Attempt to Be Edgy

Miley on stage in a tiny tank top and short shorts is akin to Zac playing a high school basketball player for a movie role? DISCUSS!

Asked about the criticism her attire has faced, Miley told Billy Bush:

"I love Zac Efron, but what’s he selling? He’s gorgeous, he’s hot, I don’t go see his movie because I’m like, ‘He’s such a fantastic actor.’ He’s a great actor, but he’s hot.

"He’s just not in a leotard with his legs out. He has his shirt off. So what’s the difference? In High School Musical, he’s in basketball shorts and his cutoff tank top and all the girls are dying... It just isn’t as obvious when guys do it."

Yes, Miley Cyrus just said there's a double standard because she gets flak for wearing skimpy outfits on stage, while no one says anything negative about Zac Efron wearing a basketball jersey in a movie.

Miley then continued to make absolutely no sense, while simultaneously praising her own work ethic: "For girls, it’s always going to be harder. That’s not an excuse, it just means we have to work harder.”

WTF is she talking about? She has to work harder... for what? To be taken seriously as an artist? This is a crazy idea, but perhaps she should simply wear normal clothing, not simulate same-sex kisses and let her music speak for itself if she's concerned about her reputation.


@Hollywood: We bash Miley because she says pompous, ridiculous things. She literally said Zac wearing a basketball jersey in a MOVIE is akin to her wearing no pants ON STAGE. My response: we'd never say anything negative about a role Miley played in a movie. That's entirely consistently with every stance I've taken.
Go ahead and label it a "lie," heck, even capitalize "LIE" if it makes you feel superior - but anyone that can look at Miley's comments here and not admit they are completely ridiculous just lacks any and all credibility: she compared her concert outfits to someone else's film role.


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To Hollywood, The last Dumb and Dumber movie was Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest. I simply referred to the host movie. If you were educated you would have understood that. But none of it matters, because Miley Cyrus is still an idiot. Zac's attire was perfect for basketball or a hot day for any male. As matter of factly, it is more attire than most males wear on a hot day, and I thought Miley's argument sounds as if it came from a 6 year old. I am through with Miley, I'll spend money on the next up and coming act. How's that?


@CJ: Thanks for the input. However,I just went on a 'Benefit Ride' two weeks ago. Now it's 'Me Time'. As for time on the computer,you must spend quite a bit of it on PC's or else you wouldn't know about the 'Everyday postings',huh? So,if too-much time on here bothers you---you might want to examine that,hear? Just food-for-thought... And NO,They can't convince me,and I doubt I'll convince them,but---it sure is fun for the moment...You have fun your way,and I'll have fun mine,deal? Hollywood---out...


I think "Hollywood" should get off the computer and go outside and ride a bike or something... They post on this thing like everyday, and still aren't convincing anyone. Too much internet and media is bad for you, it melts your brain. that being said, i've already been on the computer 2 hours today, that's enough, time to get off, toodles.


Miley fans- you guys do know that the more THG writes about miley, the more you tune in. and the more you tune in, the more add revenue THG racks up. It's a buisness. If you really want to punish THG somehow, stop reading it. They get less money... just saying.


THG. You need to find something else to talk about, because miley's true fans are gonna defend her all the way no matter what you say! .. just grow up and get a life.


When I comment on this website it's usually to defend Miley and I'll keep doing it all the time but there was one comment here that just is WAY more important than the stupid argument between Miley fans and Miley haters cause there's no way to change either's mind. What I want to talk about right now is about @Shaya's comment: Gaza was attacked by Israel????? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT????? Do you have any idea what was going on on that boat full of terrorist with weapons coming to Israel??? I am so pissed that a lot of people who doesn't even know what's real and what isn't are just throwing thing and saying things they know shit about. I live in Israel, I suffer from terrorism every single day, OUR army is being attacked all the time and many young soldiers who aren't even 22 die or being abducted!!! So don't you go saying Gaza is the one being attacked..Cause it's their stupid way of thinking and stupid belief that everyone who isn't Muslim should die!!!


@Mandy: Thank you for stating the obvious. Does Miley really not comprehend that men can be shirtless because they don't have breasts? I'm also not sure when Zac Efron last ran around with his shirt off to get attention or make headlines... if Miley were to be wearing a bikini in a movie during a beach scene (akin to Zac's basketball tank top in HSM), pretty sure we wouldn't be criticizing her.
Come on now, Miley fans. You lose all credibility if you don't admit she makes NO sense at all in this interview.


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