What the Heck is Miley Cyrus Talking About?!?

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Thank you, Miley Cyrus.

Over the last couple weeks, THG has gone to great lengths to explain why we're so disappointed in your decision to become just another cliched pop star who tries way too hard to be provocative and edgy.

We've also called you out on your ridiculous, pompous attitude. Honestly, writing about you so often can be downright exhausting! That's why we're so grateful for your absurd comments to Access Hollywood this week.

They're so laughable, they require almost no editorializing on our part. We can just print your own words and leave it to your brain-washed fans to somehow defend them.

Attempt to Be Edgy

Miley on stage in a tiny tank top and short shorts is akin to Zac playing a high school basketball player for a movie role? DISCUSS!

Asked about the criticism her attire has faced, Miley told Billy Bush:

"I love Zac Efron, but what’s he selling? He’s gorgeous, he’s hot, I don’t go see his movie because I’m like, ‘He’s such a fantastic actor.’ He’s a great actor, but he’s hot.

"He’s just not in a leotard with his legs out. He has his shirt off. So what’s the difference? In High School Musical, he’s in basketball shorts and his cutoff tank top and all the girls are dying... It just isn’t as obvious when guys do it."

Yes, Miley Cyrus just said there's a double standard because she gets flak for wearing skimpy outfits on stage, while no one says anything negative about Zac Efron wearing a basketball jersey in a movie.

Miley then continued to make absolutely no sense, while simultaneously praising her own work ethic: "For girls, it’s always going to be harder. That’s not an excuse, it just means we have to work harder.”

WTF is she talking about? She has to work harder... for what? To be taken seriously as an artist? This is a crazy idea, but perhaps she should simply wear normal clothing, not simulate same-sex kisses and let her music speak for itself if she's concerned about her reputation.


What's wrong with u guys??????? Just insult? But can't do better? Miley: I dont know if u read this or not. But, be strong, okey!?
I'm going to 18, just like ya. Enhance your ability, n don't mind them. You are undergoing what has always been my dream, sing on big stage!


meh. use to like her because i thought she was funny and cute, and i liked her attitude. now she seems sort of mean and trampy. and she doesn't have a good enough voice to make it on that alone. so not really a fan anymore. i don't hate her, but i think the best thing about her before was that she was such a good example for kids, and now that that's gone...


why do u people care what miley wears?! she's almost going to be 18 she can wear whatever the fuck she wants!!! u swear shes the only one that dresses like that!!!! im 17 and everywhere i go i see girls dressed like her but then critisize her im like wtf?! you guys are fuckin hypocrits!!!! LEAVE HER ALONE SHE CAN WEAR/DO WHATEVER THE FUCK SHE WANTS!!!!!!!!!! >=[!!


frankly, I'm 17 too, and i dress like miley most days, wearing short shorts isn't slutty or skimpy, and you won't find many girls who aren't wearing cut off tees these days, it's whats in fashion, and has been for quite a while now. I think that it is absolutely ridiculous that she's getting flak for this, when anyone her age, and with a body like that, dresses in EXACTLY the same way.

Smiley sunshine

what does it matter what the singer wears in a performance. it's comment for actors and actresses to wear basketball uniforms in a movie. On my own, i dont care what they wear while performing. Miley Cyrus is my fav singer. to have read this msg, i was surprised. in the previous, i think, miley is a cute girl, and innocent. i really cannot imagine what happens on her...


shes on crack.
come on, anyone can wear basketball uniform, but you dont see every girl prancing around in almost nothing like she does. she picked the wrong, totaly useless example to back up her weak case. and richard gere, hollywood? hes a fucking adult, genius. miley cryus isnt. this would be totalt fine if she were in her twenties, like every other pop star that does this, but noo. shes trying to grow up wayyyy to fast. she really needs to quit it, that fucking skank. get some class, seriously. i cant wait till shes washed up.


i think she's pretty gross. i've seen the way she wore little booty shorts and strutted around the stage shaking her a** last year when she knew her main audience was still little girls. it's just so gross of her to have done that when she knew she was such an idol for them. so her trashy new image really doesn't suprise me.


i don't think anything can really justify a 17 year old's decision to dress and act slutty. i don't care if 'everybody does it, therefore it's fine'... i think all 17 year olds should respect their bodies more, and work hard to create a classy, itelligent image for themself. sexy is fine when you grow older, but there's a more respectable way to go about it. (and this is coming from a guy. you'd think i'd like girls dancing around shaking their boobs and butt lol) i just am not much of a fan of miley anymore. i never really was, because i don't watch Hannah Montana and what not, but i at least had some respect for her before.


Urgh .. everytime I see or hear about this girl it makes me angry :@
I was in work one day when I was listening to the UK's BBC Radio 1 and miley was on it, she was being a vile creature and snorting down the microphone so she had flem in her throat. It was sickenin!!
Why the hell would you do that on radio??!!!! She has no talent, parades around the stage in the tinyest clothes, looks like a horse and is hated by millions. Dont get me wrong, i used to love watching Hannah Montana in my early teens, it was one of my favourite programs but ever since she has been fame hungry and would do anything for the attention .. I cant stand her!!
She will never be known as the person she was back then ... why in gods earth would she think that taking photo's on her phone of her half naked and sending them via a message ensure security?? OF COURSE you knew they would be leaked!!
You an absolute MESS and you need a good slap!
Urrgghhh I hate you miley! RAT!!


wutever miley does she does it,,,,,she sucks. I pefer slepping then hearing, talking and staring at her...... WTF miley is a B*tch..........


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