Vienna Girardi to Jake Pavelka: Just Leave Me Alone!

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Vienna Girardi is supposedly scared of Jake Pavelka. He says he'd get engaged to her all over again. Another day in the aftermath of the Breakup of the Century.

After a taped reunion interview that reportedly involved Jake making a fist in anger, a Vienna source says she is afraid of Jake and doesn’t want to go near him.

While ABC claims that no one was ever in physical danger, witnesses say the scene was ugly, and Vienna Girardi wants nothing to do with the guy ever again.

“I am afraid of Jake because he is verbally abusive and controlling, I'm afraid of what he might do next," she told a close friend. “I just want to be left alone."

The friend adds that Vienna "just wants a normal life" and is allegedly "starting a regular 9-5 job in marketing" today, which she's really "looking forward to.”

Marketing what, her own topless pics and celebrity news interviews?

Vienna Girardi and Jake

Jake and Vienna at their Fake Relationship Hall of Fame induction.

It's been reported that one reason for the breakup was that Jake refusing to put it to her, but he was all over Vienna when it came to publicity about the couple.

No wonder he says do it all over again - the two were all over the news!

While he's hurt by Vienna's alleged cheating, "I'm getting all the Tweets and support from fans," he says. "You guys are going to get me through this. Thank you."

"My goal in life is to make decisions that minimize regrets. I don't regret anything I've done," he said on Good Morning Texas. "It's been the most amazing ride."

Yes, folks, it's been an amazing ride ... broken fake engagement and all.

"I've gotten to do things that most people never even dream of doing, and I sit here [thinking], 'What have I done to deserve this?' Somebody pinch me."

We'd love to, Jake. Got a vice handy?


i think that Vienna is doing this to get more a tenions for people to feel bad and to get people to hate jake for something he didnt do which that is wrong you never say something that isnt true it gives the other person a bad name for that matter i really dont think jake did it thats just me


Jake the Snake selected Vienna because she was unpopular and the easiest one to dump; sparing good women from his planned ruse. Jake's PILOT'S LICENSE SHOULD BE REVOKED for lack of maturity and inability to make responsible decisions. Jake is a total disgrace to the profession.


I have no doubt whatsoever that Jake is controlling and verbally abusive. You could see it on DWTS and on the Bachelor when he had a tantrum and kicked over a lamp in a preview (which was never shown on the actual show). It has been reported that even the crew on the Bachelor knew he was controlling. The guy creeps me out. Most, if not all, of the DWTS case is on Vienna's side of this breakup, as are most of the bachelorettes on his season. Could everyone be wrong about Jake? He is very transparent, despite his attempts to convince us otherwise. Go away Jake. You, sir, are a fake.


I have a message for Jake; Leave all of us alone! No one cares about you or Vienna! You've milked your 15 minutes too long and the more we see, the less we like you. You both are losers.


if she wanted such a normal life why did she ever go on the show- it's all for publicity / even if you were really trying to find someone it seems they spend very few hours with each other on the show / they got there 15 min of fame - move on forget em


Jake seems to have the personality that is controlling and could be abusive judging from how he raised his voice to Chelsie on DWTS and told her she was disrespectful to him when she was anything but. The bottom line is that both Jake and Vienna are as unclassy and unsophisticated as we've ever seen on the Bachelor; we all could see that in Vienna on the show and everyone but Jake could see it but he picked her because it's obvious he does whatever he wants to do without heeding anyone's advice, including his own parents. He has ruined his "good guy" image that he tried to portray and has shown that he is an egotistical, selfish and immature jerk who is delusional that he has so many fans. I cant stand seeing him with his fake grin and condescending attitude. Go back to Texas, Jake, you're a loser.


For someone who is so afraid, by would you twitter where you are gong to work. Oh maybe so the Paps can find you Vienna. Why don't you just put a big neon sign on that horse face of yours. Working for a hair care company doing Philapothy for the Oncology Dept. HUH???? Whatever Vienna. Keep on dreaming.

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