Vanessa Bryant Hates on Khloe Kardashian, Shows Taste

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Vanessa Bryant does not have good taste in men.

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    HERE IS WHAT REALLY HAPPENED, khloe has a friend named Carla Dibello, its her good friend/producer of the lame kardashian show. Khloe being fat and ugly and probably very jealous introduced Kobe to Carla and they began an affair. Vanessa hates Khloe because she thought they were friends only to find out Khloe was inviting Kobe over to hook up with her home wrecking friend Carla and then smiling and acting like nothing was going on to Vanessa. The affair ended up ruining their marriage and now they are divorcing. Aw poor Khloe, yeah right, sneaky you know what, she deserves being snubbed.


    First of all y'all are going for looks I love khloe she always keep it real no matter what she has her own money has a husband she loves dearly and their love is going strong team khloe I don't know much about vanessa but she is pretty why wouldn't u wanna be friends with khloe she is the hater #Team Khloe....


    Whoever said that vanessa was a border jumper youre a piece of shit people from other countrys come to work not to be a hating bitch like u


    Vanessa way prettier then khloe. Every girl like to get pamper so go ahead vanessa enjoyed it

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