Trace Cyrus on Ashley Tisdale: Worst Person Ever!

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Trace Cyrus is either a jealous brother or a great brother.

In the midst of sister Miley receiving a never-ending stream of criticism for her wardrobe choices and ridiculous quotes, Trace has taken to his Twitter account and stolen a few headlines from his sibling.

Who knows if his goal is to divert negative attention from Miley or to compete with her, but one thing is certain: Dude really, really hates Ashley Tisdale! Yesterday, he Tweeted:

By far the worst person I’ve met in my life is Ashley Tisdale. I’ve never had someone who dosnt know me AT ALL make up so many rumors and bull**** about me. You don’t even know me b****.

God took me by the hand, told me not to b afraid. He told me all his secrets, I live by them everyday. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone’s opinion is always right. To them.

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We have a few reactions to this:

  1. Who hates Ashley Tisdale?!?
  2. We're a celebrity gossip site that surfs the Web, places phone calls and spends every waking hour contacting sources around the globe for rumors and stories. Not once have we ever heard Tisdale say a word about Trace Cyrus.
  3. It's incredible but true: Miley does NOT have the worst fashion taste in her family.
  4. How can Tisdale be the worst person Trace has ever met? Has he never been introduced to his own sister?!?

Who the hell hates on ASLEY TISDALE, NO ONE in their right minds would not like ashley but it takes someone froom a mental institution to like you or your nasty, sluttish hoo-rat of a sister


He is a weirdo, Ashley is so awesome!!!


whether ashley actually made him mad someway or not, you've got to be some kind of douchbag to publically insult someone and call them a beotch like that. not that this dude's opinion even matters..


Im agree with #2 and #3. Ashley never say a word about him & the 'Cyrus Family' just want some attention. I think he just wants some 'pappz' around him. GET A LIFE BASTARD.


Hahahahaha - I'm with silvia. Nice post, THG... nice post :)


Ashley Tisdale can say anything she wants about me and I would love it! PS - Does this kid supposed to be punk? Because all I see is a spoiled and insecure d-bag (which is the exact opposite of someone who is a real punk rocker).


Who's Trace Cyrus??????????????????????


ahahahha i like #3 and #4 a lot!! ahahah


This is really weird..... Yeah, he's insane.

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